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Published on November 08, 2018 (Updated on November 08, 2018)

Detection E1: Thief! [Adventure]

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Can't Wait for second episode ?
How do you get down the week? Great map btw It was my first adventure map that I played! ???????
When is the second episode coming out? ???
What exactly are the keys? I cant figure out how to get the hopper to work. ?
Basically, (spoiler alert)
The first key is in the garden.
The second is down the well.
When i get to the mine i get trapped in a room what do i do?
Esta en español ??
You could make the /setblock lock command to set a hopper once you kill the zombie
true... I will remember that.
Was there a point to the "Bert and sandy peppermint candy" sign? Or just a decoration?
Décor only
You have to create an account. Than simply upload! A question I have is how to get on 1.8 beta testing. I am underage for the insider app.
Couldn't find the keys, but noticed sneaky cauldron right away. I had to go into creative mode and break it to get past it! But very fun
Can you tell me how to upload my worlds onto here? Great map by the way!
Minecreeper1290 your a great creator this is a great map please continue the series I rate 5
Thank you!
So you must have placed two non stackable items in the hopper before the keys become available. That was the one glitch I figured no one would find. Is there a command that detects what items are in a certain inventory, and executes from there? That would probably fix the problem.
I actually killed the thief first without needing to face the zombie. You should probably make it such that you have to kill the zombie first before killing the thief so that the map will not be too short. This is pretty good for a first map and I would love a series to this.
I think this map was a bit too easy and short. I found the hopper instantly and put the items in it then went down the passage and killed the thief. I didn't even need to face the zombie or find any hidden chest in a house. Maybe you could make it such that people have to kill the zombie first then can go on to fight the thief and maybe make the map longer. But this is pretty good for your first map. I would like a series to this
Thank you for the good feedback! I am hoping to continue the series.