Published on September 16, 2021 (Updated on September 25, 2021)

Dexten's Autumn v2.0 (Update)

Welcome everyone, today I bring you one more of my accessories, I hope you like it since I try too hard, I remember that it is a beta, and now if we start. "Dexten's Autumn" is a plugin that adds a new biome called: "Autumn Forest", which brings 5 ​​new trees and many natural environment structures that you will surely like, so keep looking.

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Added compatibility with 1.17.30.

The grapes were added.

More structures will be added.

Chairs were added.

The Squirrel was added.


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Hope the author can be updated to 1.19
update please :(
not seeing chair anywhere
Hello, I really liked this addon, but the squirrel model and texture looks wEiRd, I’m just saying if you want, I am offering to make models and textures for this addon, if ur interested here is my discord, Drip Goose#6213 . You can DM me if u want.
Very nice addon, but you can add a component to the leaves (minecraft: block_light_absorption: 1) so that the leaves are not so dark inside
Yoo i love this texture... But can this be added for global recourse? For the next update i