Published on June 20, 2021 (Updated on June 19, 2021)

DG Morph Add-On

DG Morph Add-On Morph Mod for Minecraft Pocket/Bedrock Edition, You can Morph in any differents mobs in your world, also this mod pack tested and used in Minecraft 1.17 Update. . 

Using this Morph Add-On you can Morph in differents variants mobs skins and you will have the ability of every mobs that you morph.



Health = 600

Family = Wither, Skeleton, Monster, Undead, Mob.


This is the list of Mobs you can Morph.

(Neutral Mobs)

- Cow
- Goat (Moderately Hostile)
- Iron Golem (Moderately Hostile)
- Villager

(Hostile Mobs)

- Creeper
- Drowned
- Enderman
- Endermite
- Evoker
- Hoglin
- Husk
- Phantom
- Piglin
- Piglin Brute
- Pillager
- Ravager
- Skeleton
- Vex
- Vindicator
- Witch
- Wither Boss
- Wither Skeleton
- Zoglin
- Zombie
- Zombie Villager

Crafting & Recipes

Also you can Craft and Obtain Them using Resources (Use Crafting Table) (Survival)

Player = Redstone / Dirt Block

Cow = Redstone / Beef

Creeper = Redstone / Gunpowder

Drowned = Redstone / Rotten Flesh

Enderman = Redstone / Ender Pearl

Endermite = Redstone / Ender Eye

Evoker = Redstone / Emerald

Goat = Redstone / Wheat seeds / Dirt Block

Hoglin = Redstone / Crimson Fungus

Husk = Redstone / Rotten Flesh / Rotten Flesh

Iron Golem = Redstone / Iron Ingot

Phantom = Redstone / Phantom Membrane

Piglin Brute = Redstone / Gold Ingot

Piglin = Redstone / Golden Sword

Pillager = Redstone / Crossbow

Ravager = Redstone / Saddle

Skeleton = Redstone / Bone

Vex = Redstone / Emerald / Bow

Villager = Redstone / Emerald / Dirt Block

Vindicator = Redstone / Emerald / Iron Pickaxe

Witch = Redstone / Stick

Wither Skeleton = Redstone / Bone / Coal

Wither = Redstone / Soul sand

Zoglin = Redstone / Porkchop

Zombie Villager = Redstone / Rotten Flesh / Emerald

Zombie = Redstone / Rotten Flesh / Dirt Block


Also if you start Morphing each mobs variants will have Sound Effects.
Check and Watch/Hear there: (No virus, No Ads)



Thanks for some codes @cda94581 

Drei Gaming YT


I Add More Mobs in Next Update!

(Give me credits if you want to review this in your video or youtube content)

Select version for changelog:


Bug Fixes
- For now this version not have bug, it depends on if your Minecraft Version are BETA or OFFICIAL 
- BETA are mostly discovered have many bugs, so possible if you're using BETA version this pack won't working properly.

Minecraft Cave & Cliffs 1.17 SUPPORTED!

Info & Credits
- My mod pack (this pack) have some code from Cda's Morph Addon, don't bash me cuz i have credit to copy some codes
- DG Morph v1 Made by Drei Gaming YT


- Download via Mediafire


  • Download
  • Import
  • Create New World
  • Activate both Resources Pack and Behavior Pack
  • Done

Minecraft Cave & Cliffs 1.17 Supported

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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Zoglin - Redstone / Crimson Fungus / Porkchop
What If I’m useing a texture pack
it doent work its probly because i have education edition
Lol this didn't work ether
It doesn't work, but maybe it's cuz I'm on education Edition
really hope you fix it.
it dosen't work
Likes Minecraft Add-ons October 21, 2021 at 12:58 pm
add abilities to the mod
Please add more neutral and passive mobs
how do i use mob ability ? Pls reply
i cant craft the morph's :(
There are many bugs,
first, THE CHICKEN. the chicken looks SOOO weird
second, the walking animation is weird for lots of the mobs!
third, the items sometimes get glitched when you hold them. Pls fix.
fourth, the speed is all wrong. Pls fix
fifth, I have no special abilities when I am morphed
but it is an amazing addon none the less
This....mod/ AMAZING this is so good for me and my friend but you should a axolotl it will be cool i haven't download it yet but when i post this i will so please a axolotl that would be cool oh and the color of axolotl you want you need dye for it
All I'm saying is...add axolotls and the craft is something with dye but please DON'T use tropical fish please
How about the ender
Ender dragon
The Perfect Parking Addon
thank you
This Addon Is So Amazing!!! And Make The Wither Collect On A Longer Range Not Just Normal Range And Add Ender Dragon And Strider And Axolotl.. Put An Ability To All Morphs And I Will Rate This 100000000000/10
Please Add An Wither Skull That You Can Attack In Long Range And If You Kill A Mob Put A Wither Rose On Them And Increase The Attack Damage Of The Wither... Dmg 10 To 13
Please Fix The Texture Of The Chicken And Fix The Walking Animation Of All Mobs