Published on July 24, 2020

Die Sound Effect

Are You getting mad when someone kills you? Are you tired of normal sounds when dying? 

Then this pack is for you!?!?! This resource pack adds 7 more death sound effects that's make you less mad when you die! 

You can choose your sound effect from 7 other sound effects! Also you can post your sound effect in our discord server and we can add it in here! 



  • Die Sound Effect.mcpack

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

add the oof sound
funciona perfectamente, todas sus configuraciones, sin ningún problema, como fue demostrado, en los ejemplos, aquí.

lo probé en la 1.19.10 y sin ningún problema

se le podria, agregar mas sonidos, como sugerencia, pero en general, todo bien, sonidos de pana 🛐🙏 aunque, se le puede mandar sonidos a su discord, lo reafirmo, pero, ahí dejo el dato
it'll be perfect if it had the Dark Souls you died sounds
I tried this like 3 times, restarting the pack aswell, it doesn't work. If you know im doing something wrong, correct me but this doesn't work
Can you add the Death Sound Effect from Super Mario Galaxy?
Hey this pack is amazing. If your planning to add another. I got suggestions that you can add "call of duty zombies game over". I would love it if you can add it.
Wow nice ?..but can you add a sound that when you burning in lava and when enter and out of the water?
Well there is good news and bad news bad news is there is no way you can do sounds when in lava and good news is there is i can edit drowning sound effect!
but this resource pack is for dying sounds but i can make one for damage sounds in the future
Ohhh ok ok.. but bro it's still funny.. the sounds make me laugh?? very hard