DIG for Bedrock – A Raytraced Resource Pack

Raytracing is now available for Minecraft Bedrock with compatible hardware – for the best enjoyment you need a resource pack that can show off the raytracing features at its best. This pack pushes raytracing in Minecraft to its absolute limits, upgrading almost every texture to high-definition.

This resource pack takes advantage of the new raytracing features of the Renderdragon engine to show off what Minecraft could look like – beyond the limitations of the marketplace worlds which are limited to either a small selection of HD blocks, or exclusively use pixel art graphics. This pack will work with any Bedrock world, and will replace almost every block with HD graphics, with physics based rendering that allows the light to bounce and scatter off of surfaces based on their roughness and bumpiness. Take a look at what awaits you when you use this pack:

A typical world spawn. This is the default look of all leaf blocks in this pack. The behavior pack also includes prettier decorative leaves that can be placed in creative worlds.

Three types of tile blocks, being colored solely by the light shining through the glass blocks. The tile blocks themselves are shades of white, gray, and black, only the light is giving them their color.

A view of a building in the Tranton world, as seen in both daylght and at midnight.

View of a stadium from behind home plate.

Views from a mall interior build

Another building from a cityscape map

Underground parking with light from glowstone reflecting off of various smooth and rough surfaces

A small window demonstrating the godrays that can be created. Decorative leaf blocks added by the included behaviorpack are used here.

Beach house exterior. Decorative leaves are used for the palm tree and the shrubbery.

A kitchen interior

A tree made using the decorative leaf blocks, illuminated by sunlight from behind, through fog.

The addon below provides a resource pack, a behavior pack that will add additional blocks for creative builders to use, and a fog pack that will enable effects such as godrays to appear in certain biomes. Be sure to enable the resource pack and the fog pack for your worlds to change the appearance of your world. If you enable the behavior pack in your world, you may have to restart Minecraft for the additional blocks to become available. Some blocks will appear in the Creative menu, and some are available via the /give command. In either case, you can find these blocks by searching with the keyword “DIG.”

Raytraced features will only work if your hardware is capable of real-time raytracing. (RTX or DXR-Capable) This release, while fully featured, may not be its final release and changes to the pack may occur to remove bugs, or to add textures, change existing textures, or even remove textures if needed. I really have been pushing the limits to what Minecraft Raytracing is capable of and may have to take something out to add something better in.

Please ignore the discord link in this pack version – ‘Permanent’ apparently no longer means permanent. Bug reports can be made as a comment here.

For version 1.16.210 and above, released on December 9 2020.

Download link updated to Mediafire mirror due to the previous file link expiring.

Changelog View more

Updated download link. If you had previously downloaded this pack, you do not need to download it again as it is the same version of the pack.


This pack is distributed as a MCADDON, which when opened will automatically install the resource pack, behavior pack, and a fog-enabling pack through Minecraft. Once installed, you can enable the resource pack and fog pack in your Settings, Global Resources menu and it will be enabled on any custom worlds. The Behavior Pack can be enabled on a per-world basis from the world settings menu when selecting which world to play. For safety, please back up any worlds before enabling the behavior pack on your worlds.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.200 1.16.210 (beta) RTX Beta



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82 Responses

4.64 / 5 (25 votes)
  1. KeviRun says:

    Currently working on Caves & Cliffs features as they get ported into Bedrock. Copper blocks are not working as intended, and their appearance is purely coincidental as the pack has not been updated since their addition to Bedrock. This may also happen to amethyst, calcite, and tuff as they are added to Bedrock since the pack already includes files for these and may by chance have correct filenames to replace their vanilla textures. Call it a partially implemented feature, not a bug.

    The next update will resolve the invisible water issue for those not enabling raytrace features. You can expect it to release with the Caves & Cliffs updates.

  2. RetroSplash says:

    Hey, the pack is amazing, but I really want to know what map you used for the mall. I really want to use this in that mall.

  3. RedRovaeden says:

    Very Good resource pack, only thing that needs fixing is the lighting for the campfires.

  4. Wai Min Paing says:

    failed to import

  5. Yeetus deleetus says:

    This pack is fantastic, everything looks great. are there any plans on fixing the invisible water issue for non-RTX players? thanks again!

  6. w0lfryd3r says:

    are you going to update anymore of the textures

  7. MC. George Pineswood says:

    Your RTX Shader is great, unfortunately there is a 1 Minor Bug, that is the Water can’t be seen, it is invincible.

    Can you fix this?

    • KeviRun says:

      The next version will add a placeholder texture that will make the water surface visible for those without raytrace features enabled. Depending on how things are developed in Minecraft better water textures may follow.

  8. MrZOmBiie says:

    Hello. I apologize in advance for the google translation.
    this pack is amazing but the / give command is not working and i am missing a lot of texture. no item appears with DIG. I do not have the other blocks of leaves.
    the behavior pack tells me there is an error. maybe the version?
    I am in beta version

  9. w0lfryd3r says:

    custom banners are all white

  10. I Like Programmer Art says:

    me questioning: is this available for mobile?

    Creator: Say sike right now

  11. Toodles says:

    Can you add a dropbox link because I can’t add anything with mediafire?

  12. richter64bit says:

    my favorite texture package but my friends without rtx don’t see the water please then everything is great 🙂

  13. Mohammedkhaled says:

    Hey man your cool and your texturepack is cool but I need cool shader for this texture pack thank you

  14. Deathwhitch says:

    the pack looks amazing with ray tracing on, however giving 3 stars since all the players in my world who have ray tracing off say water is completely invisible and impossible to see. Will update to 5 stars when this is fixed as it makes the game somewhat broken for non rtx friends in your world.

  15. hqv says:

    KeviRun, thank you for the impressive resource pack! It is the best one I could find for the Bedrock Windows 10 edition of Minecraft at the moment. I would like to make donations/contribute towards your efforts – how can I do this?

  16. XboxSXvsPS5 says:

    Will this be able to work for Xbox One S, Series X and S

  17. salshravinski says:

    Hey so I have an Xbox Series X and am dying to see Minecraft with ray tracing, first of all will this work on the series x and if it does can someone please help me and explain to me what I need to do and how to properly add this to my Minecraft. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have spent hours trying to figure out how to add it to Minecraft. (I’m new to shaders and mods) thanks!

  18. DarkFact says:

    Just tried the mcpedl method which leads to malware and the other link to google docs is broken because it has exceeded bandwidth limits. I’d drive one drive it has not give me issues with bandwidth in the past. But yeah this is broke now way to download at all from any source.

  19. 4804176222 says:

    Hey can you please repost this resource ack link again becuase I love this resource pack but for some reason when I go to the link of google drive it lets me download it but then when its importing to minecrfat it says error

  20. Sonai says:

    Instead of Drive, you can put a MediaFire link for this file. I can’t download it even after trying several times. Please upload this file in MediaFire and repost this Resource Pack again.

  21. UndiegobleYT says:

    It’s not letting me download

  22. SebiTheHunter says:

    This pack clearly deserves a 5 because it almost looks like java’s ray tracing packs, but the nether is dark and is missing a lot of texture, I have black blocks, so I’m giving this pack a 4 for the moment because everything else is mostly really good!

  23. Ganet Do says:

    can i use one more texture pack

  24. Halardras says:

    Hey i love this rtx pack, but idk if its just me but, i see the water and lava broken, no animations and so off, like lava is 1 texturelike grass, and water is beautiful but no animation at all, could it be?

    • KeviRun says:

      I will look at the flipbook textures and see if I can do something about the animations. When the pack was tested in beta animations would stop working a few blocks away, so some textures with animations were omitted from the pack.

  25. Sonai says:

    I can’t download it right now. Please upload this file again.

  26. HOLY that one almost made my graphics card go *cry*
    Anyways this texture pack REALLY makes it look like anything but minecraft
    Reminds me of ue 4
    Great job!

  27. LinuxNovell says:

    hello! i haven’t tried it out yet does this work for the Xbox Series X? because I have one and the ray tracing feature is in the game but you cant disable it or enable it so I was wondering if it works for the series x since that’s happening I’m guessing it doesn’t work until I’m able to turn it on correct?

  28. timmy729 says:

    Omg It works in Gt 710 You are a legend

  29. CubePlayer928 says:

    How many Mb on this download

  30. Neonbiome19 says:



    You can make it from Mobile please, i watch that so nice

    • NEVILJASON says:

      It’s RTX you moron it isn’t made mobile.

    • ItsFrostyKun says:

      You moron, mobile can’t handle the Godly graphics that is RTX, You need a phone as powerful as a PC with an RTX card, and you also need at least 8 GB of Random Access Memories.

      • Dooms day says:

        I thought this can handle android I was happy to install but when I read this everything that I imagine when I have rtx has gone >:(

      • MU GAMER says:

        This not logical some mobiles can handle ultra HDR and 90 GPS but they can’t handle this raytraced 😕

        • Nicinator says:

          Minecraft RTX uses path tracing to calculate all the reflections, shadows and the volumetric fog. It needs WAAAAY more processing power than a regular game on a mobile phone screen. Even a regular game at UHD doesn’t need such a good graphics card.
          And if you would be able to put an RTX 2060 in a mobile phone, it will probably start burning after about a minute, because it needs a good air cooling system (which mobile phones don’t have, because there isn’t enough space inside the case). An other problem would be the power consumption. It would need a battery that can output at least 160 Watts (about 100 times more than a phone requires normally). Either the battery needs to be as large as a car battery or it will overheat very fast (and it will be empty in a few minutes).
          I hope that is enough to explain why RTX on mobile won’t work.

    • Iprobablyhatethis says:

      Ah yes i would be great for your phone to blow up and catch on fire

  32. Johnny_1268 says:

    hey man I’m giving you 3 stars because it looks badass but I just want to know if it will work on Xbox ! I hope you can answer me back

  33. IBLESKIM says:

    why does it have a behavior pack

    • CoolManGamingTan says:

      He had chairs in the photo. I assume they are there for decorations

    • KeviRun says:

      The behavior pack adds decorative leaves, a few other decorative items, and a number of blocks to creative mode that should be accessible using the /give command. When an issue that prevents custom blocks from appearing in the creative menu is resolved in a future version of Minecraft, these blocks should automatically be added to the creative menu, but until then they are only accesible via /give. The namespace IDs of added blocks all begin with the word Dig.

  34. Godbro01 says:

    It doesn’t work

  35. superiorday says:

    hola se ve muy bueno tu RTX, mi pregunta es puedes hacer algo parecido para GTX se que no se vera igual pero es una recomendacion para personas que no tengan RTX

  36. CreepX451 says:

    Oh. My. God. There is not a single block that isn’t textured! Very good job! Looks better than mine! I am really excited to see what’s next! 10/10!

    • KeviRun says:

      The pack currently is missing nether anchor, chains, soul lantern, the command block and variants, and possibly a few others. When 1.17 snapshot features are added to Bedrock I will update the pack to add missing blocks.

  37. Godbro01 says:

    I can’t download it But it does look nice

  38. Tixel22 says:

    I cant open the the file

  39. Sonai says:

    Does it work on Minecraft 1.16?

  40. The ai milk says:

    How did you get the realistic leaves

    • KeviRun says:

      The realistic leaves are added by the behavior pack and must be placed manually. As of the current Minecraft version, and despite my best efforts, there is no easy way to have the custom leaves generate with the world.

  41. It looks so refreshing, I’m very impressed! Good job.

  42. what template did you use for the photos?

  43. YaYaLove says:

    Can i use this without the behavior pack? I play on a server so the behavior pack won’t work.

  44. CubeIR.old says:

    Looks good!, I’ll give it a try.

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