Published on August 09, 2020 (Updated on August 09, 2020)

Digimon: A Digital Journey Board Game

Grab your digital companion and embark on a journey to save the digital world. This board game puts you in the digital world alongside the Digimon of your choice with the task of clearing the entire board and ultimately defeating Apocalymon.

Digimon: A Digital Journey is an easy to learn board game. Simply grab a companion Digimon and work your way through the board to eventually defeat Apocalymon.

Watch the video below for an in-depth look at the map as well as a full description of the rules, or simply scroll down to read the rules written down below.


Beginning The Game

  • 1-10 Players 
  • Players start out by rolling a die for the order of turns, or simply deciding the order of players.
  • Each player must then select a Digimon. It is not one Digimon per person so select whoever you'd like. Do keep in mind that all the Digimon will have different Attack and Defense stats.
  • Once everyone has their Digimon slected they can then move to the blue start tile.

Playing The Game

  • Each player will press "Roll" to decide how many spaces they will move. The die is limited to 1-4, there is no 5 and 6. 
  • A player will land on a number of different tiles depending on what number they rolled.


  • Red Tiles are Combat Tiles. This is where you will fight other Digimon found in the wild. Upon landing on one of these tiles you must press the "Scenario" button. This will give you that attack and defense stat of the digimon, what you receive if you win, and what you receive if you lose. To battle the Digimon you must simply put your Attack stat against their Defense stat. If your stat is equal or higher, you win. If your stat is lower then you must subtract your Attack stat from their Defense and repeat the same process for the enemy Digimon. If it's Attack stat beats your Defense stat, you lose. If it's Attack stat is lower than your Defense subtract it's Attack stat from your Defense stat and then you attack again. This goes until one Digimon has no more defense stat. Wining the battle gives you a bonus stated in the Scenario, and losing a battle gives you a penalty. 
  • Yellow Tiles are Training Tiles. These tiles are where you will train your Digimon to gain simple stat boosts. Once you land on a Training Tile you simply click "Train Digimon" to get his stat boosts. Whatever the stat boost is, you add that to your current Digimon Attack and Defense in an anvil. For example: If you have a [Atk:5 Def:5] Digimon and your training grants you [+1Atk +2Def] you are now at [Atk:6 Def:7].
  • Green Tiles are Item Tiles. Item tiles grant the player with a random item. Press "Item" when you land on this tile to get your item. Almost all items are used in battle, with the exception of one that has permanent effects. You may use an item once in battle then you must discard it. Same goes for the permanent item. Apply it's permanent stats, then discard it.

Winning The Game

  • To win the game you must reach the end and defeat Apoclymon. There are 3 different combat rounds to this battle. You fight all 3 of these in the same turn. Getting to the boss tile does not require an exact number roll. If the boss tile is 2 tiles away and you roll a 4, that is fine. If you lose the boss battle, it's game over for you and your Digimon. You may grab a new Digimon and start from the beginning if the game is still continuing. If you defeat Apocalymon, you have won!

A look at the map:

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