Published on February 06, 2020 (Updated on June 30, 2020)

Digimon Texture Pack

This texture pack is based of the popular franchise Digimon and has characters and items from this series. The nether becomes the digital world so all the nether mobs are changed along with some of the overworld mobs and blocks. The mobs are changed to resemble Digimon. Have fun using this texture pack!

This texture pack makes the nether the digital world and changes some mobs and items. Here are some pictures. A skeleton is now agumon, a zombie is now greymon, a husk is now metalgreymon and the wither skelton is now war greymon. A lot of mobs also changed. The cow is now bullmon, the ocelot is noe meicoomon, the bat is demidevimon.

And other mobs are also changed  such as the spider becoming tentomon. And some items are changed like the flint an steel becomes a digivice, the apple becomes a orange and the wheat becomes meat. The enderman is now devimon, the creeper is palmon and the panda is monzaemon. Those are a few of the changed items and blocks (see screenshots) for the rest of the mobs, blocks and items.

have fun exploring your world with this texture pack on. Have fun seeing all thechanged mobs,items and blocks. 

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Updated links hopefully they work so you guys can download my texture pack.


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The download not working
Not working creator help me plz
If you have more than one pack active while using this pack it has to be at the top of your activated packs please try this. If it doesn't work or this isn't your problem please get back to me and I will do my best to fix the issue
Hello, I would like to know if you want to work for the PhyrCrew. You would get paid to make simple texture packs for the PhyrCrew. We will give you all credit and I think you would be a benefit to us and we could possiblyy be a benefit to you.
Contact me on discord at Sloppy#6285
Sorry i really can't work for anyone but i really appreciate the offer