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If you wanna create nether biome easily in overworld , Tly this addon!
this addon adds 2 nether arrows and a overworld arrow. nether arrows create Crimson Forest biome, Warped Forest biome.
overworld arrow create overworld in nether world.


Crimson Arrow


Grass → crimson nylium

dirt → netherrack

leaves → nether wart block

wood → crimson stem

sand → soul sand

High plant and flower → crimson fungus

Low plant → crimson roots

stone → blackstone

water → lava


Warped Arrow


Grass → warped nylium

dirt → netherrack

leaves → Warped Wart Block

wood → warped stem

sand → soul sand

High plant and flower → warped fungus

Low plant → warped roots

stone → blackstone

water → lava


OverWorld Arrow


warped nylium → Grass

warped nylium → Grass

netherrack → dirt

nether wart block → oak leaves

Warped Wart Block → birch leaves

warped stem → oak wood

crimson stem → birch wood

soul sand → sand

warped fungus → red flower

crimson fungus → yellow flower

roots → Low plant

blackstone → stone

lava → water


How to Shoot Arrow

1.Craft Arrow

2.Use(Eat) Arrow


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Turn on experimental Game Mode



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5.Wait 15 seconds and click upper right cross

6.Click "Contine"

Turn on experimental Game Mode



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