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Published on November 01, 2016 (Updated on November 01, 2016)

DireCraft Addon

DireCraft is an addon which aims to provide an intense survival challenge for the player. Most of the mobs have had their behaviors changed to make them very dangerous. There is really no time for being idle because everything really comes down to the survival of the fittest. Give it a try and see how many nights you can survive.

Creator: SlapDashMC, Twitter Account

Mob Changes

Most of the changes aims to make the mobs more dangerous and more difficult for the player to defeat. Two things most of them have in common are that they drop better items and also remain hostile for a longer amount of time.

Husk: Increased health, stronger attacks and runs faster.

Slime: More health, jumps faster and hits its enemies stronger.

Witch: Runs faster and has more health. Throws potions much faster.

Spider: It has more health, runs faster, stronger attacking, stays hostile for a longer period of time and inflicts a venomous weakness effect on its attacker.

Cave Spider: It has more health, runs much faster and stays hostile for a longer time. Be careful with these as they inflict a poison effect.

Creeper: It's not faster, about the same speed as the player, it also has more health and causes a small fire if it explodes.

Silverfish: Even though it's one of the smallest mobs it is stronger, faster and has more health than before. Inflicts mining fatigue on its attacker. Sometimes it drops iron ingots.

Wolf: Wild wolves, as those two seen in the image, are hostile by default. If you tame one it will be friendly. They have a more powerful attack, more health and drop bones if they die.

Zombie: It has more health, runs faster and attacks stronger. Sometimes it inflicts hunger on its enemy.

Zombie Villager: Runs faster, has more health, stronger attacks and inflicts hunger on its attacker.

Skeleton: It has more health, runs and shoots arrows faster. It can also shoot from a longer range.

Enderman: Teleporting works a little bit different to make it more difficult to get to and kill. It has more health, it's faster and stronger and inflicts blindness effect on its enemies. It stays hostile for a longer amount of time.

Guardian: This mob swims faster in water, it has more health and also stronger attacks.

Elder Guardian: It's even stronger, faster and has even more health than the guardian.

Magma Cube: The Magma Cube does more damage, it's faster, has more health and has the chance of dropping nether wart.

Zombie Pigman: This mob is faster, has more health, inflicts nausea effect and sometimes wear gold armor. It drops gold ingots (default drops gold nuggets).

Ghast: The ghast shoots faster,

Blaze: Shoots faster, more health, explosions are more dangerous. Sometimes drops blaze rods.

Wither: This boss is much more dangerous than before. It has more health, it is faster and causes bigger explosions. It shoots skulls faster and more accurate and now they also cause fire.

Other Mobs

All of the mobs down below are friendly.

  • Chicken: more health
  • Cow: more health
  • Mooshroom: more health
  • Pig: more health
  • Rabbit: more health, slightly faster
  • Sheep: more health
  • Squid: slightly faster, morehealth, sometimes drops prismarine shards
  • Horse: sometimes more health, faster
  • Villager: more health, slightly faster


Important: Turn fancy graphics off while in the Nether to prevent crashes.

  1. Download resources (.mcpack)
  2. Add the behavior pack for a world

Do you rather download a .ZIP file? No problems, click here.

Installation Guides

Cave spider: be careful with these as they inflict a poison effect
Me: is it fatal poison?(fatal poison does actually kill players)
This mob is half bad and half good
Ummm.. you were meant to say addon
not so hard... I wish you can made it harder... but it is better then the normal one... good one dude!
Awesome add-on i wish you could get textures for the mobs i would love that
I bow in awe to this astonishing add-on. Usually, hard survival was way too easy for me, but now!!! Zombies and other mobs keep on jump scaring me. Thanks for making this!
AndriodUsersAreGodz January 16, 2017 at 7:59 pm
Creator, When you kill a blaze its rare that it will drop a blaze rod, pls make the blaze normal, thx
I like this addon

...Needs More Harder Mobs Even More Than Extreme...

...Thank You...
Dude! Best add-on ever! I haven't tried it yet, but I will do on my Windows 10 PC whenever I can. Also, could you add that bats are hostile and inflict about 1 heart damage?
Never mind I got it sorry for the concert
Where is the behavior pack download??? WHERE
In the bottom of the post. :) or here:
Yay! Now I have a extreme difficulty add-on! Thank you for making this! Please update this when 0.17 comes!
Sure will! ;)
I will review it..