Published on February 23, 2022 (Updated on April 08, 2022)

Dirt to Diamond

This Addon adds new custom recipes, which allow you for example to craft dirt to diamonds, cobblestone to netherite and sticks to iron. It’s funny to troll your friends with it and I hope you enjoy it!

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•added .zip download option

•fixed the download because the diamond, iron and netherite recipe was buggy 

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Yet another wasted add on such wasted potential wow why in the heck would you create an ad on that literally does the same thing creative mode does it already disables your achievements and you can already go into creative mode and literally get every darn thing that's in this add on.

It's truly sad that people can't think of anything better than a cheating add on
A resourse pack that activates the behavior pack so we can get achievements?
3 dirt for bedrock >:D