Published on September 26, 2021 (Updated on July 18, 2022)

[HOTFIX] Disciples of the Void II. Lorekeeper Update, Chapter I

"I now question your motives. And you clearly cannot be trusted."

In Chapter I of the Lorekeeper Update, we focus on the lore of the four beasts.... while adding more? Three new beasts have been sent to take out "The one who pulls the strings". and you get in the way. Will you join the beasts in the quest for re-balance? or will you find out things are not as simple as you think?

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v2.1.1: HOTFIX 7/18/22

  • Removed the spawn rules for the new disciples. They were never supposed to naturally spawn. sorry for any Inconveniences.
  • Removed Debug notes and unused files from Addons Maker. (Used it before I got bridge. back.)
  • Updated manifest to the correct addon version.
  • Removed outdated installation Instructions.

v2.1 Update 7/16/22

  • Added Three New Bosses
  • Added two new weapons
  • New addon trailer :0
  • Updated pack art.
  • Updated Item Art
  • Erian now gives off a particle on his head to show when he is enraged.
  • Nerfed Erian’s attack damage and enrage rate.
  • Nerfed everyone’s Attack damage to match up with the game‘s new armor damage reduction rules.
  • Roxantria  attacks faster
  • Frequex’s Note blocks actually rotate now
  • ???'s unused attack rotations now work
  • ??? has a new intro animation
  • ??? now inflicts darkness
  • Probably more that I forgor

v2.0 Update - 3/24/22

  • All mobs have been given new models.
  • ??? has a new model
  • Revamped Item Textures.
  • The Disciple Slayer Armor has more durability and protection. (Against ??? However…. ughhh. It’s a twig..)
  • The Disciple Slayer Armor has been given a new model.
  • Crafting the armor no longer requires a Netherite Chestplate. - Prismatica now has a second phase to her fight.
  • Buffed Erian’s sword ability. It now does twice the amount of wither damage for twice as long.
  • Erian’s sword particle is now working. - Lowered Erian’s sound pitch.
  • More that I don’t remember but all major stuff has been listed.


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Also Prismatica’s loot does not drop properly, it appears for a split second before vanishing, unable to be retrieved by any player, still as I said absolutely AMAZING Addon, just need some bug fixes is all :}
An amazing follow up/sequel to an already amazing addon. DOTV & DOTVII really do feel like a expansion pack for Minecraft, it just works so well. However there is an issue with True Erian and his drops, his phase 2 does not work properly and his loot does not drop when you kill him. The Triggerfire sword also does not work properly, as it doesn’t spawn it’s flames. Still even with these issues this is a great addon and a must for my modded survival worlds aswell as the original DOTV, keep up the good work man! :}}
These new bosses spawn in my world just like other mobs. And without crafting anything...
That’s a bug. It’ll be fixed in the hotfix!
There is a strange error which causes that before defeating true erian disappears for no reason, is it normal?in addition to defeating prismatica her loot appears, but for a very short time and before this items disappear
Hey! I had an idea for a new boss:

Brutus, the brainwashed golem.

This iron golem never wanted to protect the village, he just wanted to go outside the village and explore the world. But one day, he wandered into a cave and discovered an amethyst geode. But he saw something that would change his life forever. He approached this strange, glowing crystal, but it turned out to be highly toxic. But this feeling didn’t hurt, it felt kind of, relaxing. He decided to take a nap in the sensation. 5 hours later, he woke up and felt bigger. But he wasn’t like himself. He felt the need to destroy everything innocent. This golem only wanted an adventure, just to become crystallized and malevolent.

Attacks: smashes the ground creating shockwaves of toxic crystals that do damage on contact, and can launch toxic crystal shards from his mouth.

He drops the golem head, which can summon a shield of protective crystals. They deal 8 Damage.
what are the things for the experiments mode of the mod and what are they plz idk
Just to clarify, when it says "like a stray" or "exactly a.." whatever, do you mean that it is replacing said mob or is just similar to it ? I'd like to incorporate these bosses in some way in a server I am building, but don't want to replace any vanilla mobs. Cheers
M.R METAFLICK/EPICFLICK November 14, 2021 at 11:59 am
I so love this addon and i really love the facemask armour too :>
your addons are very cool and fun keep up the work that you will make many happy!!!
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Hi, just wanted to let you know that the .mcaddon file may have a problem on importing. I just imported it manually.