Published on September 26, 2021 (Updated on April 03, 2024)

Disciples of the Void, Volume II

Do you like boss fights?? I do! Who DOESN’T love boss fights??? Lucky for you, this addon is for people who enjoy boss fights and want more in your Minecraft world. It adds 8 unique bosses to fight in your gameplay loop each with their own special quirks.

Disciples of the Void: Volume II, Is a continuation on the first volume. With the first ever creator taken out and the overworld at peace, (mostly). Things can go back to normal right? WRONG. An unknown being (to you at least), has picked up the tools to create his own beings of destruction. Dive into this addon and destroy all of them. Don't think, just do it.


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Update v3.0.2 | Disciples of The Void II Hotfix:

  • Ageto-Magala's severed arms no longer re-appear during his death cutscene.
  • Made a adjustment to Ageto-Magala's health bar.
  • Despairs' sword ability now works against Dubtrox
  • Manifest paper can no longer be used to summon Legatus
  • Fixed a content log error relating to a scrapped block


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If the ad is not letting you get to the download, Click on "All Releases" under the RP and BP. this will take you to every version released. then grab the newest version.
I'm not sure if this bug makes the addons not work but when I look at the pack for the latest version of all volumes it says that it's missing dependencies from version 3.0.1 or 3.4.1. Is this something I should fix, or is it just Minecraft being stupid? Also I'm using all three addons at once along with a whole bunch of other addons, and I wanna know if that will break the addons. (edit: It works NVM)
Can you make a mob that looks like legatus, but is tameable using its sword, like erian from before. I really miss when you could tame erian and make him a guard.
You're no.1 when it comes to making bosses. You're the best. Keep up the good work.
Are there any /playsound commands with this pack? If so, is there a way to access them?
Bug report: Ageto-Magala's .manifest name is broken. When he kills you, it says player was slain by or something like that. Please fix.
Nothing is working! send help! please
DOTV In a nutshell:
Powerful, mysterious beings wander the worlds, ready destroy anyone who gets in there way...
Then the player comes and kills them all with sharp stick.
This has been DOTV in a nutshell. :)

Oh yeah, bug report: Ageto-Magala's .manifest name is broken. When he kills you, it says player was slain by or something like that. Please fix.
Heya Itsdarkwolf6 I was looking in the add-on files and I found your skin your manifest and some music discs of False god Rises and Supersecret But there aren't used in the add-on so can you explain please what is this?
Me encantan tus complementos, son los mejores, habrá otro capítulo?
This is a great update! Everything looks so cool now! The bending limbs look so intriguing and life-like. Keep up the great work! Also, when will "Yang" come in the mod? We have "Yin", but "Yang" is still missing. And expect us coming at you with multiple bug reports if or when we find some. :)
Thank you both so much!

"Yang" along with other features that volume I's final update got will be added will be added in the eventual hotfix!
Bug Report: in the overhaul Ageto-Magala doesn't have the summon sound and he doesn't have animations in the battle