Published on September 07, 2021 (Updated on September 11, 2021)

Divine Dowsing

Have you ever heard of dowsing? It's a pseudoscience in which people believed that they could use sticks known as dowsing rods to locate underground resources, such as water, oil, and mineral. This addon brings dowsing to Minecraft.


Watch this video where I explain all of the features:

The Rods

There are 8 different types of dowsing rods that find different things:

  • Oak - finds water
  • Birch - finds ores
  • Spruce - finds caves
  • Jungle - finds underground structures
  • Acacia - finds cave biomes
  • Dark Oak - finds geodes
  • Crimson - finds lava
  • Warped - finds nether ores


To use a dowsing rod, hold it and interact (right-click). The results will appear in the chat:

Since dowsing rods search in a + shape, digging straight down (while dangerous) will give you access to everything your rod found.


The basic rods are crafted from 4 logs and one enchanted stick:

Enchanted sticks are either dropped by witches, or made from enchantable sticks. Hold the enchantable stick and interact (right-click) to make an enchanted stick. This also costs 4 levels.


All of the dowsing rods can be upgraded to get more durability (50 -?gt; 150), more range (32 blocks down -> 64 blocks down), and a shorter cooldown (3s -> 1s).


Divine Dowsing should be compatible with all addons. The dowsing rods can find ores from the following addons:

Make sure you use the latest version to ensure compatibility. Also make sure that in the behavior pack list, Divine Dowsing is placed below compatible addons:

If you are an addon creator and you want your addon to be compatible, please contact me on Discord.

Select version for changelog:

  • Added a video
  • Added a link to join my Discord server


Make sure you enable Holiday Creator Features.

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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U deserve 5 star just for saying the fact that it is a pseudo science. Nice addon! eep going with ur nice job dude
cool addon btw pls update llamaquest to 1.17
Join my Discord server for information and help with my addons.
Invite code: V95XT2zuWx
winningkiwi6767677676 September 09, 2021 at 5:57 pm
is zinc rare or im have the worse luck ever but cool addon
Zinc isn't in this addon, it's from Llama's Forges