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Published on November 25, 2016 (Updated on November 25, 2016)

Doctor Slime Addon

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Do you have to lock him up in a cage? That's mean. You could at least put him in a house.
Pls link is dead
New bug tracker for all of my add-ons
That link is also dead, it tells you to go to your website, which is also dead. (That's what Firefox is saying)
Zip ain't workin
Editor, can you change the Maker of this add-on to NFCorp2017
I can change your nickname but not your user login.
i wish you could make dr.slime replace the slime and then put it together with the dr. husk addon.
but this is way better becuz he follows you around!!!
Sorry. I decided not to do that. I will make a different add-on though
Dr. Slime and Dr. Husk look cool but would be way better if I could use both (both use husks) Dr. Husk didn't change textures.
I haven't tried the add-on out yet but I bet it's good!plus I uploaded a map recently but it hasn't been added yet.
How do ou like my add-on?
You should make dr slime a slime not husk!
Who wants a Christmas add-on?
I want it for Christmas. A little early for that right now. :P
Good Idea, One is in the works right now. I am planning to release it with a map in December
Plans are changed, EnderPet is on the way
no files please fix this i love the idea
What's the link to the map you used??