Published on August 17, 2017 (Updated on March 03, 2019)

Doctor Who Mobs Pack Addon

This addon replaces several of the mobs in-game with characters and creatures from the Doctor Who universe. The models for the mobs are very well designed and also some of their behaviors have been reconfigured to better suit their new character behaviors. If you consider yourself a true Whovian then you definitely have to give this addon a try!

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Minor update. Updated the texture for the arrow/laser bolt. With changes to the game it had reverted back to the standard arrow texture. Not sure why, hope this fixes it. No changes to the rest of the entities have been made and no new entities have been added. Experimental Gameplay is not required.


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Guest-4734519625 May 03, 2020 at 9:27 am
dropbox doesnt work
Dropbox is not supporting mc pack and it wont let me download the latest version?
I used to have this addon but you changed the download so now I can’t redownload it! Dropbox is confusing, theres no button for download. Could you help me? Once I get to MediaFire I know what to do.
There is but it only gives you a file and it does not work
On drop box go to web site then press the button with the arrow pointing down into a box that will download it
download a file explore or use one you may already have, find the zip file opien it and press on the fles that say mcpack at the end. it should say open with, then click on mincraft and it will download
please let us download the behavior and Texter packs separately because I cannot extract them from the ZIP file
When you do have them come out as separate entities, please try to make sure they don’t crash certain players! Some players with older devices can’t handle certain packs based on something, if you can then thank you so much!
I will be changing this over so that the mobs are new entities, taking time to learn the new stuff.
YOU DID THE CYBER KING AND DALEK VARIANTS!!!!! I'M SOOOO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!! I was actually useful for once!!! Thank you so much!!!
Sorry for the delay in response. A while back I did a test on the Daleks after I turned them into rabbits. The test was simple, I made a specific variant a different size than the rest in the component groups. Once that was successful, I knew that the Cyberking and adding more variations of the Daleks were possible without swapping out other entities. And yes, if it wasn't for your suggestion, I probably would not have looked into it.
Awesome mod but could you make Daleks attack villagers and maybe have a 1 shot kill and also have cyber men shoot lasers and sontarens fight cyber men and Daleks
I could add that the Daleks attack Villagers in the future, will be dependent on my getting members of UNIT to spawn around them to defend them. That is something that I hope to achieve with the ability to add new entities. Four out of the seven Daleks are already more powerful. Want to avoid having an entity one shot skill something else unless they are a Boss. Those four Daleks have special abilities and some have more health. Considering how fast the Rabbits that they replace multiply, if left unchecked, the Daleks can be a major threat. They are also one of the few mobs that can get a couple mobs from the Nether into the Overworld, spawning Dalek Saucers/Ghast or transforming into Davros/Wither Boss. Having the Cybermen fire lasers is something I thought of doing, but held off on it for now. It is something that I wish to add down the line, just not yet.
Really good mod but I think that the Daleks should be stronger and should have a 1 shot kill on everything although maybe not weeping angel I also think weeping angels should reappear after dying
It would be great if you were able to make a 4D skin pack btw great work man the praise to you is well deserved
This update sounds INTENSE!
I will do another review, and hopefully I get the right resource pack this time ?
Love i was killing daleks for hours in the desert
Wait till you see the changes I am making to them in the next update. A Dalek that explodes, a Dalek that shoots fireballs, Dalek Sec (more health), and the Supreme Dalek (more health and a chance to transform into Davros). Daleks are all still rabbits and Davros is replacing the Wither Boss.
how do i install on the tardis map
Just add the Resource and Behavior Packs to the Tardis Map's. Be sure that the Tardis Map Resource pack is given priority over the Mobs Pack, otherwise it will cause glitches with the Tardis rendering.
Just finished my review on it. Please go check it out because I dont want to type my opinions. Although, it is pretty good! Good Job!

Yt channel: OrangeWither999
Creeper isn't Dalek
No it isn't anymore, the original description was not updated after I changed that. The Creepers are now Weeping Angels. Daleks were updated to replace Rabbits.