Published on August 16, 2019

Dodge Charger Addon

The dodge charger 2012 is a fast and sporty sedan capable of reaching 160 mph accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 5 seconds is also in its police and normal version.

This car is one of the most used in police pursuits.

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Heyo! Please do update this. I would love to play this in the latest version :3
Nicely done but it will be satisfying if it has some cool engine sounds this will be so cool
I noticed they wrote that the NORMAL charger is slightly faster then the POLICE charger, which I don't believe because I measured of a medium distance (in both cars with a stopwatch) [10+ blocks] and it turns out that the POLICE charger is faster then the NORMAL charger because the measurements were : Police Charger= 1s and 99 moments, whilst the Normal charger: 2s and 13 moments, So the POLICE charger is faster I also measured the same creator's other addon FordMustang 2010 Addon :, which was even slower then the NORMAL Charger! So the police charger is the fastest, NOT the Normal Charger!
Does this car's Police version have siren sounds?
Team Infinite Minds cars are sort of big. It's forgivable.
Is it posible?
I'm on XboxOneS
Non Beta please? And Does it replace any mobs?
works on 1.12.1. and no the entity is dodge:charger or dodge:charger:police thanks...
Can you make it accessible in survival mode
Just type this in chat Here: /give @p dodge:charger or /give @p dodge:charger:police ! Hope it helped if you are NO Cheats then forget it.
I can't add this to my Xbox one Minecraft edition? Is it possible to?
Yes it is possible get three applications file explorer file downloader and UFO transfer first download your file then go to file downloader locat your file if it doesnt say .zip on the end rename it to say then get a new folder call it whatever youd like copy and paste the files inside the zip file into the folder then go to settings go to display and sound press video then the one that says overscan turn apps can add a border off go to ufo transfer press the button at the top right that is slightly visible if you cant see it just go to the top right and click A From there press open in file explorer go to the top press this device locat your file press start [3 lines] press copy then press b until you see Packages then press the minecraft one press local storage/com.mojang then if there isnt a file that says resource_packs make it then copy your pack into it it also works with worlds add PuR3 ShOtZs on xbox if you think this tutorial was helpful.
change the file to a .zip file
As far as I'm aware you cant mod the xbox one version of minecraft