Published on March 15, 2021 (Updated on April 10, 2024)


Doey RTX HD is a realistic ray tracing pack for the bedrock version. The textures are in 256 and some in 512. There are also mods to customize your pack.

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During my previous publication, half was missing (2 times), I put it back.



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wait it's not mcpe 20.50? sad
AMAZING !! Best resource pack ever!!
I just checked it out, it works and looks great.
ShadowguyFromMexico January 18, 2024 at 3:41 pm
Mine can’t handle it :(
This looks amazing can't wait to try this. I finally have an RTX card so I am so excited. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this.
Thanks for the hard work you put into this!
I have absolutely fallen in love with the texture pack.

Unfortunately the texture pack is having some issues since the recent updates.
In particular since the 1.19.20 update. Which seems to be memory issues, but it is more of an issue for when RTX is not enabled. The realm I use the textures on was running very well across multiple devices. Most of the time the new issue causes Minecraft to crash on mobile devices and for the game to force a "Resource Pak Fallback" on details due to full memory.

Aside from a few texture fixes, like the contrast of deepslate against lightning, I think the textures themselves are beautiful. Especially that little thing you did with the Glazed Terracotta. Nice one.
Any chance there might be a fix on the way?

Again, thanks for the hard work!
It's beautiful
Sorry for the slow response, I don't come here often. The memory problem is very annoying in fact, it's a limitation of the game, my only solution is to reduce the size of the textures to 256x256, we lose a little in quality but it's still correct. I will do this with update 1.20.
For the glazed terracotta, I am very proud of it, it is true that it is very beautiful, with this little extra reflection.
For the deepslate, yes it is very dark, but I respected the color and brightness of the vanilla pack, but in the game there is a problem with the light in the caves and I can't do anything about it.
I had been amazed by the quality of this resource pack. Recently, in version 1.19.20, when I turned on the ray tracing option and applied this resource pack, the "end rod", "lantern", and "soul lantern" blocks do not have a glowing effect. I'd appreciate it if you could correct this.
It works but its just laggy 😁 its still good
It's good because I am on a Android phone I haven't test it but I am sure it would be great and I am in the preview update
Every Mod I Have Gotten Has Taken So Long To Download But This Is Just So Much Easier To Download, Every Link Leads You To Mediafire And It Really Saved Me A Lot A Time To Download. Thanks For The Mediafire Links.
I did it on iOS and it was running on 1 FPS Also the pack warning says its need to have the ray tracing settings on.
Cuando la instalo me sale el anuncio de "se a instalado con advertencia" cuando agrego los pack de texturas al mundo y lo abro aparece todo oscuro, ¿como lo soluciono?
It looks cool even though I haven’t tried it good job