Dolphin Riding Addon

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Can you make an addon of riding turtles? This addon is magnific ?
This probably won’t work for me???
I downloaded it but then the dolphint was invisible
I can't get the download. Can someone tell me how to get it, please?
Riding dolphins isn't coming as an official feature ever, the devs already confirmed that.
It kicks me off every time I try to ride it ):
How do I download the dolphin riding behaviour pack on my iPad?
Every time I get on a dolphin ? it kicks me off?
HelloDarknessMyOldFriend May 19, 2018 at 11:07 am
This doesn't work in actual update, u can ride but not move
Can someone make an orespawn addon
How do I get beta for minecraft PE?
Desde la APK de AC market
If u cant find dolphins then ur stupid smh
get This Link addons No Pay!!!!! ????
Firewing&Snowy April 28, 2018 at 7:23 am
I don't get it I went on experimental gameplay and looked in the spawn eggs and there was drowned but no dophins
That’s because on iOS the latest version is 1.2.16 which only adds a few aquatic features
Its cool but this would be better if the dolphins will get a little mad and attack because of steve riding it

Maybe make it tamable the same way of taming horses.

Idk but good job
If your complaining why'd you rate it 5 stars
Animal Cruelty and maybe someday mojang will add a feature where you hold on to a dolphin's fin
Why what the hell??