Published on January 16, 2022 (Updated on June 20, 2022)

Don't Touch The Color...

Do you like vanilla minecraft but want to add a twist? Well look no further as Don't Touch Green will do exactly as it implies! You can't touch the color Green or Red! (You can choose) This addon took after the Minecraft But... series for Minecraft Bedrock edition! Now even easier to use than before!

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  • Added the ability to select individual players
  • Made setup tremendously easier
  • Switched from /kill to /damage so now players have some time to react before just dying


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Do you know there's a 'damage' command coming up next update?

That makes Minecraft worlds easier than a kill command. I hope you update the function commands when v1.18.10 comes out?
I will look into it if the damage command is out now than i will change it all, otherwise ill wait until its released. Thank you for the advice and feedback!!
I have updated the whole addon to use the damage command as well as it now doesnt require the whole setup it required before. Just give the players a tag and thise players will then get damaged based on the color they have as a