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Published on September 11, 2016 (Updated on September 11, 2016)

-1528394888: Double Ocean Monument

This seed is really unique as it generates a double ocean monument (or rather two ocean monuments next to each other) very close to spawn. One of them look quite weird as parts of it has been destroyed. This is likely due to the fact that it's been cut off by the other monument. To use this seed you will need version 0.15.9 or above of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Found by: MightyMapExplorer, Twitter

Once you've spawned make sure to drink a potion of night vision. That's assuming you are in creative mode. It will still be possible to find the ocean monuments if you are in survival but it will be a little bit more difficult.

The spawn is on a medium sized island. Position yourself as seen in the image down below and then fly straight forward.

After a while of flying you should be able to spot the outlining of the two ocean monuments.

The monuments have been generated right next to each other creating this very rare seed. Here you can see one part of the monument which has been destroyed for some reason, probably due to some generation error.

Seed: -1528394888 (requires 0.15.9/0.16.0+)

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There is a underwater cave near the island and it has diamonds and gold there is alot of it :)
With the latest PE update (1.1.0) the glitchy generation of many structures has been fixed, villages and monuments etc wont generate near another one anymore. As a result this is now only a single monument. Saaaaad D: still a nice seed tho. I'm gonna play it in survival. Ty
It's not a double ocean monument. It's actually a triple ocean monument!!! It looks so weird... just like triple villages do. Think about how efficient a guardian farm would be if made in the triple ocean monument!
There Is The 1 Ocean Monuments Not Three I Corrected This Seed But Only 1 Ocean Monuments
MINECRAFTADDICTIEDGAMER November 09, 2016 at 11:51 pm
Why does it say 4:50 am when it is 8:51 pm?....
This seed worked for me.Thanks, I always wanted to see a monument.Btw my tablets brand is IApple
Where is the temple?
This was a wast of time I go to the spot and it is not there and I put in the right seed and it does not work :( :( :(
That's weird. I did work for me..
May I ask something? Well, my version in 0.16.0. As I saw thw wikipedia of Minecraft, the latest version is 0.16.0. But, where is the monument? I've search it for about 5 minutes but I can't find it. Can you look if there is a "Real" Ocean Monument on 0.16.0. Thanks if you see it.
i found a mineshaft underwater and there is actcully three monuments
I went and flew south of the island and found this well and it is made out of sandstone and was clearly made by a steve. Please investigate because I want to know what it is.
Desert wells generate randomly in deserts.
Where is the monument? I play in pe 0.15.8. 0.15.9 has not been realased yet. The island is there but the mounment is not. Please help me. Sorry for my spelling.
There is a beta available for Android users.
So why is it tagged for .15.8?
My mistake. I have fixed it.