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Published on September 22, 2016 (Updated on September 22, 2016)

-114373476: Double Snow Village & Forests

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There is nothing in this seed just a big plane with snow
That seed was for 0.15.2 and 1.17 came out and how are you here?
There's also a dungeon right behind u if u do some digging.
does anyone here know a seed that only has a oak and birch biome and taiga near the oak and birch it seed please comment if u know bc thats the biome i luv i had that seed once so i decided to delete it bc i played it for so long and i want it back please comment if u know any seeds like this and also leave a like if ur having a good day:D bc i am
this was sooo… great of a seed
It didn’t work
There is no villages I’ve found but other then that the world is fine
I can’t even find the village
Awesome! I'm writing this one week from Christmas so the snow village is perfect for a Christmas theme world thanks!
Just the fact that the double snow village doesn't intersect with itself and cause it to look weird like most double villages do makes this seed have 5 stars. And there's so much more! If I could give 6 stars I would give this seed 6 stars.
I'm use it! ?
nice. I'll use this seed next time I play.
I found 31 wheat,5 potato,and 4 carrot
Nice just what i needed