Published on January 06, 2016 (Updated on January 06, 2016)

-1060246543: Double Village Island

Seed ID

thanx i was using mclauncher to play old versions of Minecraft windows 10 but the code for the seed picker was broken so I get my 2nd fav seed back!
It doesn’t work anymore
Harrison Walczyna March 02, 2019 at 9:06 am
Its in the seed picker! Also mention those two villagers trapped in a house and the part with the four fused houses and the farm fused with house!
I play Pocket Edition why on MCPE?
Pocket edition is MCPE
This seed is literally a map present on mcpe
I found an ocean monument
After I spawned where/which direction do I have to go I have been searching at the edge of the island and nothing.
I didn't spawn in the village why?
Does this work for 0.13.1? I spawned in a different land.
Hello, Damasen here. Thanks for doing my seed! However, it's not mine, it belongs to a user named MCPEGuru, so I think credit is also due to him.
Hey Damasen! Alright, I've added him.
This doesn't work for me...Is it infinite or old???
TYSM for this, It's very HELPFUL! ☺