Published on July 05, 2017

-200889213: Double Village Spawn & Stronghold

Seed ID

Dangit doesnt work for me i used -
me: omg this looks like a good seed
-reads whats in the blacksmith's-
me: kinda unuseful but i will still try it!!
-makes a world with the seed-
-go's in world-
-opens blacksmith chest at desert-
me: ... how is this possible.... 6 diamonds
I love this seed, but am looking for the Jungle Bio... has anyone seen one? I have found the mansion, mesa bio, ice bio... but I can't find a Jungle.

BTWs, the mineshaft has a the same repeating pattern 9 times on one of the lower levels, TONS of diamonds... I'm talking 68 blocks with silk touch. Safe dig straight down (254,64,281) to level 15... you land on 3 diamond blocks.
Try mamaMOOSE seed it is big village
Yo the blacksmith was so great it had 6 diamonds
Oleg can you post coordinates for the other stuff you found in this seed world?
When I first used this seed I was using mcpe V0.16.x There were two mineshafts near the stronghold, one overlapping with the stronghold the other a bit further away reached through caves at the back of the stronghold. When I tried the seed in V1.2.8 everything else was the same except the mineshafts didn't generate this time. Strange......
This is very old seed. I used it on version 0.12.0. You also can seed: "village pls" instead of seed: "200889213", that was upper. They are the same.
There are also 7 desert temples and 5 villages. I know this seed very, very, very good.
Any chance you know if there is a Jungle Bio?
There is only one. Go creative mode and just keep exploring. There is no bamboo in it though
I got 6 diamonds from the sand village chest!
Ahh it didn't work for me :(
There is temple in the desert
Awesome seed also make an addon
Theres 4 villages and a temple with no chests and another blacksmith with no chest :( the items are not the same in the villages either. I got 6 diamonds, iron oants, an iron sword in one and bread and apples in another.
I'm on the better together update windows 10 and there's also ravines now