Published on July 19, 2021

Draconic Evolution

This is an expansion addon to Advanced Machinery, you must have that addon enabled for this one to work. To start this addon you have to defeat the ender dragon and collect the dragon heart, you also have to collect a new ore in the end. This addon adds exoskeletons, guns, and swords that consume massive amounts of power and deal a lot of damage.

This is an advanced machinery expansion addon, advanced machinery is required for this addon to work correctly


  • 2 new guns
  • 2 new swords
  • 4 exoskeletons that store RF
  • draconic infuser
  • 1 new end ore

To craft the items you need a dragon heart and some draconium ingots from the end


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Also maybe if you want to make another addon themed off of a java mod maybe you could try to recreate avaritia in bedrock. I feel like that would be pretty cool.
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Its a good Addon but CAn you add another type of Dragon and some wyvern Raiders and add it on your new map called cloud map
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Remember this bedrock not java so making add-ons like the java versions,are very limited on what you can add.
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This is a really good idea but I feel like you could probably add more like maybe actual draconic armor like the Java mod that has more special abilities and also uses power.
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