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Published on April 12, 2014 (Updated on April 10, 2017)

Dragon Dance [64x64]


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It's AMAZING!!! by far the best texture pack ever!!! Everythings just so nice and cute!! One request though, some things such as armour and some flowers don't have textures and look normal, could you please add some cool textures? Also i LOVE the sunflower :)
Can you please update the texture pack for the nether update
Can you please fix the item frames and double chests, thanks other than that I really love this texture pack! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
que mal wee no lo actualizan
Can you pls update this texture pack its just so prety and amazing i would be glad if you update this texture pack some blocks or items dont have any texture at all plssss
Its almost exactly like the real thing except for one problem. U guys missed some of the textures. Such as the one for the bow.
Um.... Can u fix the double chest ?
lol the creator is kinda lazy (no offense) but its so awesome so i remade it (well i just fused dragondance and faithful together haha)btw nice work creator of this texture pack! ????
Hey WTH this texture pack doesn't do anything like heck
This is amazing! :OOO
I used This In A Roleplay for a horror map i build and it worked fine! Now it keeps mixing the textures together! For E.g:

Oak Plank=Rail
Water=Diamond Sword

Please Fix This bug!
I will be so greatfull!
Can u please update this! I used to use this for some of my best roleplays but with all the updates this doesn't work anymore ? Please fix!
Please update it!
can you fix the double chest and some of the doors are just so pixaly idk wht word that was ? but pls fix some of the textures because some of them i want to use but it just wasnt compatible with all the texture plss fix this