Dragon Mounts Addon Beta

This add-on adds a bunch of cool dragons to your world. By installing this add-on you will be able to tame dragons, use them as flying mounts or get them to help you to take down your enemy. They are very strong creatures and even though they can be absolutely terrifying, they are also be loyal and helpful if you manage to tame one of them.

Creator: Jujustyle7Twitter Account

How does it work?

Each different dragon drop their own unique Dragon Ingot (Ice, Fire, Forest, Water and Ender). The Dragon Ingots can be used for fertilizing a Dragon Egg. You can get a Dragon Egg from a Dragon Keeper which is one of the new villagers you will find in villages.

It takes a total amount of 8 minutes for a fertilized egg to hatch. Around the 6 minute mark you will notice that the egg starts cracking and it’s getting ready for hatching.


  • Stage 1
    • Wild: 10 health
    • Tamed: 20 health
    • Can ride on player’s should if tamed and harmless
  • Stage 2
    • Wild: 20 health
    • Tamed: 50 health
    • Melee attack if it’s wild
  • Stage 3
    • Wild: 45 health
    • Tamed: 80 health
    • Use them as flying mounts
    • Long range attack and melee attack
    • Order dragon to sit (sneak and long press the dragon to see the tame options)

Taking Care of Your Dragon

You can use any type of raw or cooked meat to tame or feed (also known as heal) the dragon.

Continue feeding it meat until you see some heart particles and then you will know it’s yours as it has been tamed.

As described further up the dragons will be on different stages in their lives and this also means that there abilities can be very different from another dragon. You can see a full list of features further up on this page.

A stage 3 (max) dragon is the only stage that will allow you to ride it. Same goes for allowing it to protect you against hostile mobs.

Any time that it sees a hostile mob it will immediately attempt to take it down by spitting fire explosives at the enemy or using a melee attack.



  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Apply the packs for a world
  3. Create the world

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171 Responses

4.2 / 5 (86 votes)
  1. Guest-5831256631 says:

    How do you get out the Dragon Keeper? {with an egg}

  2. Fnafandminecraftfan2000 says:

    Can u plzzzz update this to 1.16 another problem…ADS KEEP BLOWIN UP IN MY FACE WHEN I’M TRYING TO DOWNLOAD IT!!😡😡 Just plz fix this

  3. Guest-7346931010 says:

    Can u uupdate this mod so it works for the newest version plzzz

  4. Guest-6336358728 says:


  5. Guest-6336358728 says:


  6. Guest-2929111870 says:

    How to download it? I could not download it. It takes me to another anonymous site. Please help!!!!

  7. Guest-6193324149 says:

    how do you find the dragon tamer also great mod

  8. Guest-6694134121 says:

    This is great!!! 😁

  9. Guest-8866039447 says:

    How can I install it?

  10. Guest-2621475786 says:

    How can I install it?

  11. A man who hates says:

    Bad I can’t find dragon keeper please help me if you can

  12. Mortikate Gaming says:

    I suggest…
    -Alongside parrot body,Fox Body
    -Can grow as high as mountains
    – Hostile when Big

  13. Anonymous says:

    Can you make a new dragons

  14. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    I cant seem to download the addon and it takes me to some weird website

    • Guest-5485199055 says:

      Yeah adfly is a scam. The REAL adfly, is not, but it wont take u to the real one.
      To download it, click the link, and wait 10 seconds. Once you see “skip ad” in the left corner, press that. Then, X the pop up that tries to show. you should now be on a page called media fire. That page is safe. Click the download button that is orange. Dont bother Xing anything else, they r malicious ads. I speak from experience.

  15. God says:

    Dragon tales dragon tales it’s almost time for dragon tales

  16. darkhobo says:

    for some reason the dragon doesnt sit even tho i clicked sit

  17. Recommended says:

    Pls Change to custom spawn egg pls creator………

  18. Ashton says:

    I named a dragon Dinnerbone lol

  19. Monster Shiny says:

    great mod i love it a lot five stars rating

  20. ERROR says:

    Hi there, i’m using this addon in 1.12, and it practically works the same as other people, with the things working, the dragons being mountable, the eggs hatching, and being tameable. but, I’m wondering if you still ever come on to this website anymore, or at least this addon. if you do, do you think you could try to make use of the new features for addons and resource packs that were added in 1.12? i mean, it seems to be really easy to make custom mobs in 1.12 and above for MCPE, but maybe you won’t do it because it’s a port? anyways, if you can and/or want to, could you try to add better functionality for 1.12 and above? if you do, thanks, if you at least READ this, thanks!

  21. Misanilla says:

    When the Ender egg cracks his eyes was black, and the fire dragon has No Wings

  22. Potatocarrot says:

    Nice mod

  23. Super dinosaur 26 says:

    Anonymous it replace parrot

  24. Super dinosaur 26 says:

    Also great add-on

  25. Super dinosaur 26 says:

    Please add these dragon air ghost storm night and light

  26. Anonymous says:

    This is so bad! All my dragons can’t walk so they just scoot around on there buts(which can sometimes be funny)! They also don’t walk right and riding them is just running and jumping no flying. It seemed like a great and I hope they can improve in future updates.

    • Monster Shiny says:

      Hi i love this mod and can you make the dragons walk they standing and they not flying like i will say gliding that’s on ios if you didn’t know

  27. Giah says:

    It’s a bit good

  28. Anonymous says:

    pls update this so they can stand up properly

  29. Unknown says:


  30. Shanaenae says:

    How do I get them to attack

  31. Joacim says:

    How do I feed them and why wont they grow

  32. Cryx says:

    I stopped using thi so addon. But staying up to date I hope you’re planning To add these dragons

    And can the dragons properly fly? And stand properly and I made them sit down but they kept following me.

  33. This is one of the best addons ever you to exist and the ONLY mob replacing addon I ever use. I use this addon a lot.
    But also, there is some issues…
    Updates have broken this addon. There isn’t no way to spawn Dragon Keepers or Dragon Eggs. Also, could you make it so Water Dragons spawn naturally in the ocean, Ender Dragons In the End, Fire Dragons, in the Nether, Ice Dragons, in Tundras, and Forest Dragons In Jungles and Forests? Also, is there any way to make a Aether Dragon (uses Air Ingot, fires Levitation Shulker bullets) Ghost Dragon (Uses Ghost Ingot, fires Wither Skulls), and a Nether Dragon? (Uses Hell Ingots, fires Ghast fireballs)? Also, what about breeding? Breeding two dragons of the same kind (Such as Fire X Fire= Fire) should produce a egg of the same breed as the two dragons that were bred together, but two different dragons (Such as Fire X Ice=Water) should give a different egg, every dragon should have a unique breeding recipe. If you consider these ideas, thanks!

  34. Leo says:

    My world keeps crashing when. i open it.
    please, fix the problem.

  35. Anonymous says:

    How come my fire egg hatches it become an untamable ended dragon? I spent two stacks of fish and I still didn’t work

  36. Warior88 says:

    Add ons are super grate

  37. Minidodge09 says:

    Amazing its great

  38. Anonymous says:

    The egg is just spawning zombie villagers not the dragon eggs

  39. JamesBond says:

    Can I only get a tamable egg from Survival? Because I’ve waited almost 20 mins and my egg is just an egg trying to hurt Me… I gave myself the fertilised egg from creative

  40. RubyTheWolf1 says:

    How do I install it??

  41. Anonymous says:

    How do I download?

  42. Anonymous says:

    can you please add the ability to put saddles and armor on them

  43. Karson Thomas says:

    Something is wrong now in the new update every time I try to hatch a dragon it hatches quick but it is always it ender dragon in the second stage and you can’t take them can you make good for version 1.10.0

  44. Giselle says:

    This is an ok addon because first of all it sucks second the dragons are always sitting third they can’t can only make them jump and forth there ugly.atleast make that better and the way they walk is terrible but not to be rude it’s ok I give it a 2/10

    • Swallowbird says:

      Dude that’s a bit harsh don’t you think, you try staying up ages to make something you only get criticism for. I get your frustration but if you hate it so much spend a year learning coding and make an addon yourself. And their are a bunch of macanics that limit how you can program behaviour in MCPE. If you wanna complain do it to the people that make the game, but those that try to enhance your experience.

  45. Midnightwolf4366 says:

    It’s amazing but with the new scaffolding on in mcpe, it won’t let me use the scaffolding and the add on could you please fix this?

  46. Dragon lover says:

    How can I get it to download ??

  47. Karson Thomas says:

    Can the dragons have more stages please so it can be big as the normal Ender dragon and also can you make it so it can fly until you landed please

  48. someone says:

    I can place an egg… do I have to place it on a specific block?

  49. Christopher Mayhugh says:


  50. GotGoatYT says:

    This is AMAZING! BUT! There are a few problems. I cannot obtain fertile dragon eggs in survival, and I also cannot use the ingots. Can you make a sort of tutorial?

  51. Fixy says:

    How do you tame them???

  52. Fixy says:

    How do you tame them

  53. The Smol Green Wyvern says:

    Can you please make it so the dragons are on the ground and not in it? And please fix the ingots only working on survival!
    Also could you add more dragons from PC? Can you make more skins for mobs? Because this missing dragons are:
    Ghost (Ghost Ingot, wither skull attack)
    Aether (Air Ingot, shulker levitation attack)
    Nether: (Hell Ingot, Giant fireball attack)
    But still I freaking love this addon!

  54. The Smol Green Wyvern says:

    Can you please make it so the dragons are on the ground and not in it? And please fix the ingots only working on survival!
    Also could you add more dragons from PC? Can you make more skins for mobs? Because this missing dragons are:
    Ghost (Ghost Ingot, wither skull attack)
    Aether (Air Ingot, shulker levitation attack)
    Nether: (Hell Ingot, Giant fireball attack)
    But still I freaking love this addon!

  55. A random bitch says:

    This is by far the best addon I have ever seen, but there are some issues:
    – can you make it so the dragons aren’t half in the ground?
    – The ingots do not work on survival.
    -Can you add more dragons???
    Otherwise great job!

  56. FirewingAndSans says:


  57. Anonymous says:

    Dude, you should make the dragons like a hores too. For example, the dragon should ware a sadle and they can use armor. And one thing else, make them boost in the air so we dont have to be juping on the ground, pls.

  58. Swalllowbird says:

    DUDE TO MAKE IT FLY INFINITLY, is there any way you can code it so when it’s in mid air you can jump whilst already in flight to go higher! THAT WOULD BE SICK!!!!!!!!!! Also your ADDON is epppiicccc!!!!! But can you make it so when it’s running it’s on fours? DUDE YOU ROCK!!!!!

  59. Magic says:

    This mod it fantastic, it is the best dragon mod I have found for pocket edition! But I have one recommendation, you should adjust the pose of the dragon, because it is a bit awkward. I’m really just nitpicking though, the mod works well and that’s what really matters.

  60. Aiden says:

    what do I feed each of the dragons

  61. BuilderSid says:

    I just added this addon tow days ago to one of my survival worlds and I found three things I didn’t like:
    1: My Stage 3 Tamed Dragon was taken out by one drowned so I don’t understand how that’s possible considering that it’s supposed to have 80 hearts.
    2: The ingots would not register on the dragon egg in survival, changing the dragon type using the ingots can only work in creative.
    3: Although I do appreciate the speed of the dragon on land, much faster than horses, and I do enjoy the gliding, I would’ve expected the dragons to fly. Considering they replace parrots, I understand that they don’t fly, but it would still be nice to see even though this is an addon and not a mod.
    Other than that I think it’s a well-done addon with a cool concept.

  62. Gyleeno says:

    Is it also for Xbox One’s Bedrock Edition?

  63. Aiden says:

    Great addon but they could use improvement such as launching there own elemental projectiles like the water dragon firing water or the ice dragon firing snowballs that deal damage and much more different projectiles for the dragons.

  64. Avacodo says:

    It looks good but how do you place the egg all I get are villagers

  65. Zongo says:

    Cool update but I can’t find any of the dragon keepers. Any tips?

  66. Null: Entity 303 RIP says:

    Best addon ever thanks

  67. We finna need da update ;-; says:

    Can u update the add on and replace the dragons with entitys

  68. Anónimo says:

    I install and enter minecraft and when it says install addon the game leaves alone
    and if I try to get into the mod it will not

  69. Dani says:

    That two headed dragoon will sure might look like the Minecraft Zippleback mods that I’ve seen, but keep it as a addon!!!

  70. weirdo says:

    Is there a feature in which it can eat players whole, and does its belly grow from that? Can you also see the outline of the prey, and can the prey kick the belly of the dragon?
    Because another weirdo (bit more of one) wants that in the game.

  71. weirdo says:

    Is there a feature in which it can eat players whole, and does its belly grow from that? Can you also see the outline of the prey, and can the prey kick the belly of the dragon?

  72. Dani says:

    Hello!!Can you make a Two Headed Dragon!!I would love to ride on one of those!!! Keep up the good work!

  73. Boi Mc smartalot says:

    Can yu make em walk with actual animations and have em walk on 4 feet? Custom animations are good, with the new update it should be no problem. So make em walk on 4 feet and make everything look more like the pc version, ok? (but let them replace Parrots none the less, k? Added entity addons don’t work with everyone, y’know? I installed the animacraft addon in my beta 1.9.03 experimental world, it added new sounds and entities and spawn eggs, but the mobs where completely invisible.)

  74. Joe says:

    Could you make a ghost dragon and the fire Dragon won’t stay

  75. Whist Fulcover says:

    * do the dragons age on their own or is it prompted in some way?

  76. Creative says:

    Omg I love this!! It’s by far my favourite mod on here! The only thing I don’t like is the pose of the dragon but that’s it. In future updates could you please make the poses similar to the PC dragon mounts mod? If not that’s ok!

  77. anonymous says:

    Can you make it so they stand on four legs and the front legs look kinda weird. Cool concept still.

  78. Anonymous says:

    Нету деревень

  79. Schalk says:

    More dragons like nether air and more realistic dragons that fly like the original ender dragon

  80. Dauntless Infinity Fury says:

    love the addon been waiting for a for working dragon addon were the dragons are dragons not wyverns. I found the same bugs as most people. The most anoying one is that when u tell them to sit they still move around, for some reason they wont fight. also why r they in the ground? dragons stand on four feet above ground not two legs and in it. kinda funny how there feet are backwards. Nice work

  81. Muttaqee88 says:

    When I add it and create the world it keeps exiting minecraft
    Please fix it

  82. Super Noob says:

    Can the creator of this addon please message me? i would like to use it in one of my maps. Please give me permission to. If you wanna chat my discord is SuperNoob#2888

  83. Anonymous says:

    How do you fertilize an egg?

    • FirewingAndSans says:

      You can’t use the normal eggs. You have to obtain fertile eggs from dragon keepers. If you want to change elements of the egg, use elemental ingots in creative. Anyways, hope I helped :3

  84. Mathew Mariano says:

    I love it so much! But I have few or many suggestions for this add-on, please make the better features… I want that the dragons will not too fast or naughty attitude… I want the dragons will move slow and can fly not jump and I want that dragons can still fight or throw their powers while I’m mounting them and also their appearance please make better skins or better looks for the dragons and I love them if they can wear armors and better and stronger abilities amd powers…. Please make it for full rate of your add-on because I love it so much.💖💖

  85. Long says:

    I Dont know how to let them fight

  86. Mr banana says:

    I kinda want the dragons and their eggs not replace anything also i want them to spawn at caves that would makes sense cause well the dragons spawn at caves which makes no sense

  87. Orlando Ender says:

    you can update the addon to version 1.8 that it is possible to add

  88. Person says:

    I love this addon, however I feel that this design could use a few updates. For example, when the dragon walks, there is no movement of its legs whatsoever. And the rear leg design is a bit off and weird shaped. Dispite the flaws, this add on is really nice and I enjoy it.

  89. I Love Dragons says:

    great add on… good job!👍🏻 but how do your find the dragon keeper or the village plz?

  90. Orlando Ender says:

    in the new version 1.8 of the Minecraft
    you can make addon that does not modify but adds as the mod

  91. Kornillios says:

    For you guys who are wondering “What does the dragon replace” , it replaces the parrot mob.

    Update suggestion : make dragons fly upwards , and downwards . Also , make dragons a bit slower!

    Thanks for uploading ! ~antigoneper~

  92. IffySoulGem says:

    oh sorry and we need to know what entities or if any what items have been replaced.

  93. IffySoulGem says:

    Hello everyone who has posted a comment like me lol. Most of the Minecraft Bedrock add-on creators don’t check the comments, or offer any help so we are all proof that they don’t. I like others have asked multiple times for help etc. all I am saying is if you are creating addon content for Minecraft Bedrock Edition please check your comments pertaining to your add-on content 🙂 oh and these add-on creator’s need to tell us if any entities or items are replaced and changed or if they have added new entities without replacing any entities at all. Because it would be very nice and helpful thanks.

  94. Sam Gamer says:

    One of my favourite AddOns. And not like the Wyvern AddOn which requires the website

  95. Rich says:

    It work on my i-pad but give it the real ability to fly

  96. Suni play says:

    Ameiiiiii!!! Melhor addon do mundo. Adiciona um iten para voar sem pular

  97. Dang RIGHT!!! says:

    One of the best addons ive seen so far!!

  98. ENDERGAMER575 says:

    Just like long jump in horse to fly the dragon

  99. A hooman not hater says:

    Cool add on! though the dragon kinda looks funky XD Though, I’m sure you worked very hard on this, please fix the texture if you can. Keep up the good work!

  100. MCjosh24 says:

    i love this addon

  101. Ben says:

    Cant download. Is there issue with it? I was able do download yesterday on different device but now cant download on either

  102. Orlando says:

    the dragoons had to fly or have a balance in the sky
    (while flying and falling slowly should give to jump in while it is slowly falling)

  103. Anonymous says:

    When Api Modding comes to the game , will you create a dragon mount pack with different kinds of ender dragons , as well as a wyvern? Just like pc modding

  104. Emanuel Prestes Bica says:

    Gostei muito do addon mas eu acho que o dragão deveria pular mais alto

  105. elfpup says:

    Its a great addon! Perfect for my work in progress world!

  106. Anonymous says:

    Can u plz tell us how to fly, my dragon only walks and jumps, how does it fly

  107. Jaimgamer says:

    Cool, but dix the arms, they look kinda silly

  108. Kitty,dog and dragon lover says:

    I love this so much it’s so cute!!! 😊👍🏻

  109. Xander says:

    Also, you should have it so the dragons have a slow falling effect when they jump so you can fly on them longer

  110. IffySoulGem says:

    can you teach or help me create an Addons please. I like this addon. because I have tried and failed miserably lol

  111. Xander says:

    Can you make the dragon go up and down?

  112. Zero Gravity says:


  113. Jason says:

    I can’t change the egg but this is a good add-on so I am kinda disappointed

  114. Mr idiot says:

    I like it I’m interested of mythical dragons but my question what replaces it please tell me

    • unknown user says:

      I think it replaces the parrot. by the way great name

    • Dragon lover says:

      I think you should at it so it’s on four legs and do you know the movie called how to train your dragon if you do can you add the light fury and night fury and other common dragons like deadly natter and stuff please and THANKYOU SO VERY MUCH IF YOU DO!

  115. Awesomesauce says:

    Hey Juju,can you make a how to train your dragon addon similar to this one?it would be pretty awesome if you did.Btw COOL addon

  116. Bob says:

    It’s good although the eggs don’t work and you have to find a parrot to have a dragon

  117. Jeff says:

    Good work, but I would remodel the dragons…
    Maybe you can put them on 4 feets instead of 2

  118. Dddddd says:

    Woah. So cool

  119. JujuStyle7 says:

    Note: For the Ingots, it is replaced with one of the dye type. To use it, you hold or right click the fertilized dragon egg (zombie villager) and it will affect it.

  120. PumpkillplayZ says:

    Finally it come true but not too good you must add
    -high jump for dragon
    -stand and sit
    -a little slower in running in the ground
    Please add it I love this add-ons thx!!! 🙂


  121. AaribAaqibYT says:

    Cool I love dragons keep it up

  122. Tawkin Tawkerr says:

    Does it replace existing mobs?

  123. Wondering... says:

    What mobs do the dragons replace though?
    And what version of mcpe do you need?

  124. Anonymous says:

    What does it replace

  125. JPlaysPE says:

    One of the coolest Add-ons I’ve seen! Glad I could make the trailer for this addon

  126. miner nour YT says:

    awsome but it replaces what

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