Dragons Add-on

Do you have what it takes to become the mother (or father) of dragons? Venture deep underground in search for answers. Look for a dragon to tame and then watch as it grows to become your most powerful pet which will protect you no matter what danger lies ahead. Even though you can’t ride them they are still one of the most epic and powerful mobs you will ever find in Minecraft PE.

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account
Updated: 4 April, 2017 (read changelog)

Wild Dragons

Dragons replace bats and can be found spawning in caves. Even though most of them spawn as passive creatures (meaning, they won’t attack you) there’s always a 17% chance that a hostile dragon can spawn.

Wild dragons spawn in either of the following stages.

  • Stage 1: 10 hearts, passive, tameable
  • Stage 2: 15 hearts, passive, tameable
  • Stage 3: 20 hearts, passive, tameable
  • Stage 4: 25 hearts, passive, tameable
  • Stage 5: 30 hearts, hostile, not tameable


In this case, I found small dragon. You can use any type of cooked meat to tame a dragon. Heart particles will appear if you successfully tamed it.


A tamed dragon goes through a growth of six stages and each stage can be accelerated by feeding it more cooked meat (or some gunpowder for the last stage).

  • Stage 1: 15 hearts, passive
  • Stage 2: 25 hearts, passive
  • Stage 3: 40 hearts, passive:
  • Stage 4: 65 hearts, helps its owner by spitting fire
  • Stage 5: 90 hearts, helps its owner by spitting fire (takes 24 minutes to reach this stage, accelerate with cooked meat)
  • Stage 6 : 125 hearts, helps its owner by spitting explosive fireballs (takes another 20 minutes to reach this stage, accelerate with gunpowder)


A dragon will only protect its owner once it has grown to stage 4.


Mature dragons have a special appetite for sheep. If they see one you can be sure that they will soon be preparing their dinner!


After a long adventure tie it to a fence post and feed it some cooked meat to heal it. (It doesn’t have to be tied to a fence post but this makes it easier.)


Here are the Ice Dragon and Nether Dragon textures.


  • Optimized code
  • Added dragon sounds
  • Custom item names
  • UUIDs updated
  • Added MCPE DL UI button



  1. Download Behaviors .McPack
  2. Download one of the two resources packs:
    1. Download Resources .McPack (Normal)
    2. Download Resources .McPack (Nether Dragon)
    3. Download Resources .McPack (Ice Dragon)
  3. Apply packs for a world in-game

Do you want a .ZIP for this addon? Click here.

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244 Responses

3.4 / 5 (35 votes)
  1. The great Q says:

    they would be a lot better if they replaced parrots instead.

  2. Guest-2905778211 says:

    rip off of ice and fire

  3. Guest-6963115647 says:

    It will not let me download it.

  4. Seriously says:

    Cant even install it. Sends me to a bunch of ads and sends to me to Mother garden. Jeez, all I asked for was a dragon addon.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Get the wyvern model and the behaviors from here and it will work

  6. SeranaXx says:

    I demand this addon to be taken down! It does not work at all… The links don’t work, the only thing you will get is a virus! Trust me I know how to download addons and this one right here is broken!

  7. Ethan says:

    Wasted my time with this add-on, pls don’t get, the dragons are way too frantic and don’t obey you at all even after taming them, they’re way too uncontrollable

  8. Ivori says:

    It is unable to connect to the site I should download it on, I see its a problem for many people so please change the site to download it from or fix it.

  9. Bilal Haroon Tahir says:

    It doesn’t work the site says it refuse to connect

  10. Anonimous M says:

    I’t won’t work, I can’t reach the site to download it
    Can you do it from another site?

  11. Wyvern lover says:

    dragons be spawning on surface plz?
    Also the Wings look wierd in the newer versions of minceraft

  12. Wyvern lover says:

    Could anyone make a wyvern addon with wyverns that look like this colour wise and have the model of the wyvern from the mo’ creatures PC mod. Make ’em rideable, make ’em tameable, make ’em even armourable or chestable, make ’em have saddle need, make ’em be able to walk and not only fly, let ’em lay physical eggs, make it a replacement mod because some people just can’t make added entity addons work whatever they do, make ’em replace donkeys or horses, and give ’em custom animations. Please, I need this.

  13. PersonThatKnowsWyverns says:

    How about you make em rideable, and controllable just like in the frostfall map. Also new animations can be added soon, so could you make the Wings flap more smoothly and make the tail not just a brown stick?
    Would also be nice if they could walk.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Mcpeup aint workin

  15. John Rey Alcantara says:

    Why I cant download it what’s the problem

  16. Sebastian Hel says:

    Those are wyverns not dragons

  17. NyxTheHuntress says:

    Is this addon not available anymore? I’d love to use it but it keeps taking me to a page that says it took to long for it to load even when I refresh the page it still shows up like that.

  18. Vivien cruz says:

    Please tell gona to fix this addon please

  19. Vivien cruz says:

    Please fix this addon and make it compatible with every version please 🙂 someone made a addon that made bats follow players that tamed it and make breath fire like I found it in the Minecraft store and it’s compatible with the version today even when Minecraft updates it’s still compatible please fix it if you can

  20. Azella says:

    everytime i try to download it it keeps saying “it took too long to load” i checked my wifi and it was still doing good but when i try to download it again it said it again. i kept trying and trying and trying and trying and nothing worked, it just keeps saying “it took too long to load”. Can somebody pls help me?

  21. Ayden says:

    Why is there always a virus page????????

  22. Shadowboy says:

    Also I think dragons are awesome so thank you I can’t wait to down load the pack

  23. Shadowboy says:

    To download it go bellow the last dragon picture click download behavior/ice,nether,normal resource packs once you get to addfly wait ten or less seconds and go to the top select skip add then wait 20 more seconds and media fire will show up

  24. Anshdeep says:

    When I pressed the dL link it said that the hostname of the website couldn’t be resolved and so I couldn’t download it plz help

  25. MilitaryPunk419 says:

    Can you make it so you can download from Mediafire because it says mcpeup is not reachable

  26. Noah says:

    How do we download it

  27. FirewingAndSnowy says:


  28. FirewingAndSnowy says:

    Make the patterns random ,that would be great. Also one of the best Addons ever

  29. bloody Chicken nugget says:

    Normal dragon: looks original. Ice dragon: le best looking. Nether dragon: accurate

  30. XxwarriorcatgirlxX says:

    I’ve tried everything! I put difficulty on max, gave it different meat, gave it COOKED meat and tried to spawn different types of dragons! I’m a bit sad and I this was my first addon but I’m glad this addon is great

  31. Desperate Dragon Lover says:

    Ummm I try to download it but uhhhhhhh not work plz helpz mehhhhhh ME LOVE DRAGONSSSSS sorry for bad rating…………I NEED DRAGONSSSS……

  32. Werewolf_37 says:

    Who thinks they should make an add on that turns parrots AND bat into dragons so there can be different species?

  33. RisingCrystalYt says:

    Needs a new download link

  34. Anonymous says:

    you have to build a little container out of fences in a certain way to tame them

  35. Marcel says:

    Hey realy like your work but i can’t install it on can you send me another link?

  36. Now says:

    Please putting ads like that on please I’m no going to use this site if this continues

  37. Anonymous says:

    gona please update this awesomwe addon, since the world of color update, the dragons do not follow you anymore and teleport, they do not breathe fire to enemies you attack and if you do update it, please lower the speed of the dragon because it is hard to feed
    thank you for this awesome addon, hoping for the update soon

  38. Saviorofworlds says:

    Can You Make The Dragons Able To Stand On The Ground,Like The Other Dragon mod

  39. Saviorofworlds says:

    The wild dragons need moar health

  40. Saviorofworlds says:

    It Want The Wild To Have The Equality Of tamed ones

  41. Anonymous says:

    Can you get all the recource backs or can you only get one?

  42. Just another nor player says:

    I know lots of persons have written it but I can’t tame the Dragon I’ve spawned. I tapped and tapped and I hold my finger on the dragon. But nothing worked. Can someone pls help me clearly?

    • Rando Human says:

      Did you download both packs? That happened to me when I did and all I did was downloaded the .zip file and it was fine. Not sure if it’s only my running program or that file has a small issue but try .zip file.

  43. Mango Craft says:

    My dragon is not spitting out fire even though its in its last stage

    • The great Q says:

      Mangp Craft this is because your dragon is retarded since it replaced bats and bats are retarded and fly in random directions. Pretty much the only use for dragons is getting blaze powder without finding a nether fortress.

  44. Sheepy says:

    You should make it so you can ride them

  45. Anonymous says:

    I tamed him but he sort off follows me but is alwaos flying above me so I cant feed him it makes me angry and frustrated
    (Sry for my english)

  46. Icecoolchest says:

    My dragon isn’t attacking plz help 🙁

  47. Ffiinnyyaazz says:

    Cant tame it using cooked mutton tried using cooked foods still wont work help asap

  48. Mystery theGamer says:

    i do not trust adfly and nor i never will sadly i will not download this pack unless you give me the download link to mediafire NOT ADFLY please

  49. Macroon says:

    How do i tame one what food do i use

  50. Abdallah says:

    Editor, My dragon doesnt protect me when fighting a zombie or something else… It just stares at it and do nothing. Fix that please!

  51. PorygonZRocks says:

    Is there a way to keep them from attacking sheep? Do you know where in the behavior file that line is?

  52. Samuel says:

    I like this addon however the Dragon is destroying my world I would like the blasts to be a little smaller so it does not cause a lot of destruction to my world

  53. Pet8123 says:

    Can you make the dragons tameable pls?

  54. Finalcastle9579 says:

    By the way who made this addon??

  55. Finalcastle9579 says:

    Why can’t I tame it. I can’t give it mutton! ????????

  56. Mysticwolf says:

    taming doesn’t work for me…I tried all different dragons nothings working. I also tried different cooked meat, it still doesn’t work..

  57. Minecraftien111 says:

    ADDON PROJECT Please Make When We Punch Someone In Fire With A Feather, It Will Make The Fire Off. Like In Real Life ! Please !

  58. Enderranger says:

    The link does not WORK. I want the add-on.????? Can you please send me another link. ????????

  59. Funtimefoxy101 says:

    Why does it have to be sooo hard to catch a dragon?

  60. Thea Shortnose says:

    Haters gonna Hate
    Fishers gonna Fish
    Teachers gonna Teach
    Preachers gonna Preach
    So are Potatoes gonna Potate ?

  61. AG says:

    Can’t spawn Nether dragon or Ice Dragon – only see one egg that’s for a dragon. Any tips?

    • Wyvern lover says:

      -INHALE- The resource packs don’t work together. Download either the ice, nether, or normal dragon and only one can be in your world.
      Ice dragon is in a world: No normal dragons and no nether dragons.
      Nether dragon is in a world: No normal dragons and no ice dragons.
      Normal dragon is in a world: No nether dragons and no ice dragons.

  62. Mart says:

    It will cool
    If it can ride

  63. Anonymous says:

    Please work

  64. TJ says:

    Can you make an update of Jurassic Craft make the park bigger
    And more dinosaurs

  65. Minecraftien111 says:

    Can you make them a way to spawn them in survival is to place a dragon egg on a special block (for example ender bricks) and when 1 day past, your dragon (this addon) begins to grow (at stage 1) and also please make them rideable (at a certain stage so they are big enough)

    1. PS: I know what i am asking is really ambitious and might not let everyone like it (some might think i got to strange ideas to complicate it) or simply minecraft actual version doesnt allow you to do it for now, but ill find this really great and nice for my survival adventure 🙂

    2. PS (How to get a dragon egg):
    When the enderdragon die, tap his egg, find where it teleports, and break the block number 2 in coordinate y and place a torch, then break the number 1 in coordinate y and collect it)

    2. PS:(coordinate y)
    Your position and every entity position is noted as coordinates, x, y and z. Y is just the number of blocks from the bedrock wich as coordinates y = 0. For example, the sea is y = 60.

  66. Awesome sadeer says:

    Hey gona please make a nintendo switch addon please i will tell all of my friends that you are Awesome!

  67. Creeper kid says:

    Can you make the dragon rideabe like some of you older addons please?

  68. BuggyPig says:

    Hey gonza I think those dragons are wyverns and can u give the dragons 4 limbs in the next update plz

  69. Janzen says:

    You guys are always complaining and I think it’s bad for this Addon and you might say cause it’s not taiming with the mutton that is cooked and I think it’s just a bug or your world is so laggy cause you built so much or there are too many mobs in your world this is just my opinion so don’t hate

  70. Zedd says:

    Can you make a Tron Bike that replace the horse pls?
    If you could, that would be awesome : )

  71. NqturalVox says:

    Hey!I Want To Ask Something….When I Kept On Feeding It…..When It Gets Bigger,I Cant Feed It Anymore And It Wont Attack Any Mobs?Help Please

  72. Thomas says:

    Mcpdl can you make another modern tools with more furniture.

  73. Thomas says:

    MCPDL can you make another modern tools with more furniture

  74. Thomas says:

    MCPDL can you make another modern tools with more more furniture

  75. WishGonaWasBetter says:

    Is this a joke? The download button dosen’t exist!!!!

  76. Diebum says:

    This isn’t a dragon!! That’s a wyvren, dragons have 4 limbs and wings and wyvrens have 2 legs and wings. As a mythical creature aficionado this factor really agrovates me.

  77. Kristinajoy125 says:

    It doesn’t even work i tried to the dragon it still doesn’t work?! ???

  78. TheBeast says:

    Please make it able to ride and control them.By the way this addon is AMAZING ????

  79. Har3935 says:

    My dragons are acting like bats, hanging upside down. They are small and I can’t seem to tame them with any type of cooked meat! Help please!!

  80. Huskymaster12345 says:

    I wish we can ride on it

  81. Magic is blue says:

    Those haters should drink all their hater aid. This is one of the best mods i ever downloaded. But it would also be cool if u could ride them

  82. Theminwcraftaddon135 says:

    I guess it is cool but if only you can change the colour and have different types because two ppl have the same dragons! P.s great addon ??

  83. Celestia_Girl63 says:

    I tried do mutton and tried spawning sooooo many dragons BUT IT FAILED!!!! What do I do?! I love how they look but it sucks that I can’t tame it!!!!!! ????

  84. Wane says:

    Can you please make a ant-man addon

  85. Megan says:

    And also, can you make these dragons not damage the terrain. I tamed one in one of my favorite worlds and it burnt down my friends house… ???

    • Theminwcraftaddon135 says:

      That’s so sad poor your friend ? and I sorry if your like why does she care?? Don’t ask me bruh ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

  86. Megan says:

    omg!!! my life just got better!!!! yassssss!!!!! dragons!!!!!! thank you so much!!!!!!!!

  87. Anonymous says:

    How can you spawn them?

  88. Rafael says:

    How do you know if u are taming the dragon becouse im starting to break stuff its so hard to tame it -_- plz help this is my dream add on lel

  89. Nobody says:

    Hi I can’t tame it. It won’t work

  90. Teddy says:

    How the hell are you supposed to get this???

  91. PrimalKarnage says:

    This isnt even a dragon, its a wyvern. It’s hands are attatched to the wings. A dragon has limbs and wings seperate

  92. Talha says:

    Umm I had cooked chicken and it didn’t say anything to give it to him how do u tame it

  93. My Name says:

    I hope this is rideable soon.. the wyvern mod is by the same person, but is rideable.

  94. NO ONE says:

    Is there any special ability the ice and fire one has

  95. XxzombiemodderxX says:

    Allow us to sit one and control it to sit down and stand and fly up,down,left,right and hover.

  96. John cena says:

    Rideable plz

  97. Lolz says:

    Nice addon. Can you make a legend of zelda fairy pet addon pls! That would be so cool.

  98. Cool Notch2005 says:

    Awesome addon

  99. XCreepdudeX says:

    Make how to train your dragon add one if u love dragons

  100. Lucy says:

    ?when I spawned in one it a came out as a giant bat?I could still tame it and it had the sound effects of the dragon but…I still want the dragon form but amazing add on I love it

  101. Gradythecoolkid says:

    Can you make a yandere sim add-on?? I need to see 1!!!

  102. Andreas513 says:

    Pls make a addon or mods that we can tame and ride dragon and help us fight and control the dragon when fly and it have so many elements, not change the bat but change the ender dragon!

  103. Nathan Emmanuel says:

    Love this add on. Great job

  104. MadzMiner says:

    It won’t tame!! I’ve tried to feed every cooked meat, I’ve tried different dragons, I’ve set the difficulty to max, what’s wrong?

  105. Rishon says:

    I want to ride it pls

  106. CaptainSparklezz says:

    How I tame it in mcpe… So hard, can you tell me how to do it i’ve already Tried using cooked muat but it’s not working

  107. NO ONE says:

    Can I add it onto a world which I hav already created

  108. Justin says:

    Great add on, one request though, could you please make the dragon not damage terrain if at all possible?

  109. MoustacheCat says:

    Do they replace a mob?? Will it destroy my house and world 🙁

  110. batboy128 says:

    Can u ride the dragons?

  111. Powerless says:

    Looks sick but I could there possibly be a version were they don’t shoot explosive things? I dont want my house being destroyed just because a zombie is nearby and my dragon goes nuts.

  112. Bob jeff says:

    PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ make it rideable

  113. NO ONE says:

    Thanks this is my favourite addon can you make it so you can ride it please and make different dragons

  114. Death says:

    Um this add on doesn’t work….. I can’t feed the dragons anything, it’s half the battle to even catch those things, and they never grow up. I’ve tried multiple different dragons and all the different cooked meats and it still never works. I’ve had a dragon in an enclosed space for quite a while and it hasn’t even grown up either…. I don’t know if that’s because it isn’t tamed though. I know that it works for a lot of other people, so I’m wondering what is wrong?

  115. Lucky says:

    Can you make the dragons rideable and somemore new dragons. I hope you can do it. By the way this is a very cool addons so far I think 🙂

  116. NO ONE says:

    Can you please make it that the dragons follow you without a led,please make it rideable,please make the dragons changeable and please make them attack on command plese

  117. Anonymous says:

    Can you make the dragon rideable, it will very cool if you can do it.

  118. Torch says:

    Make it so you can ride them!!!!! That would be so amazing! Also, can you control when they fire? I don’t want them burning everything down… 0.o

  119. DankNovaGamimg says:

    Hello, I have seen a lot of YouTube’s and get irritated because it is too hard to tame the dragon. The dragon flies to randomly so it’s almost impossible to tame. Also, the dragon needs to attack a mob that attacks it. A streamer that I just watched was going to do a wither boss V dragon battle so he spawned many of them and the Dragon did not attack back. The stream then ended after that. I felt very disappointed in this add-on. This add-on is really good anyways it has a lot of potential. But could you lower the speed of the dragon or allow them to sit and make them fight back mobs that attack them (Like a PigMan) I know many people would love this. Thanks!

  120. Dpack22 says:

    I have a few suggestions.
    Plz make the fire balls not damage the terrain or set fire to terrain. I don’t want the dragons to damage my builds.
    Could you make the dragons be able to sit/stand and teleport to you.
    I think it would be awesome if you could some how add new textures to the dragons when you tame them, like cats.
    Plz consider these suggestions

  121. Dpack22 says:

    I have a few suggestions:
    Could you make the fire balls not damage the terrain or make things catch fire, I don’t want the dragons to damage my builds.
    Could you make them be able to teleport to you like dogs.
    Maybe you could add some different textures when you tame it like cats.
    Plz make them be able to sit/stand
    That’s all plz consider these suggestions.

  122. Josie says:

    I downloaded everything and I still can’t tame them. Can someone help me?

  123. Anonymous says:

    Make the dragon rideable please

  124. Idk says:

    I can’t find any dragons. Can you spawn them?

  125. NO ONE says:

    Does it follow you????

  126. NhelNach says:

    Wow! gotta try this!! 🙂 hope it works!

  127. No one says:

    It won’t work I can’t tame them

  128. No one says:

    I can’t find them:(

  129. Gastón says:

    Can you make it so it’s rideable and make it so they can sit like a wolf? It will be the coolest. And when you ride I you can use an item so it spits fire. The coolness would be over

  130. Aiden says:

    Take the rideable element from pigs and add that to them so we can fly around on them

  131. heavlieddor says:

    This addon is for mcpe 17.0 b1? This version is already released. I have this version.

  132. Lol999888777 says:

    Can I ride it?

  133. Lol999888777 says:

    I love this

  134. Tanzil says:

    Hey MY own addon has a resource and behavior pack but they dont work TOGETHER, only separately. Is there any place i can get help for this ?

  135. Anthony says:

    Everytime i spawn bat, its not working. Still bat. Please help

  136. SirJackDaReaper says:

    Not to be rude but I also made a dragon add-on and for some reason mine wasn’t posted when it was submitted and yours is literally the same thing as mine except with out the riding element(and mine just uses a Enderdragon texture stays small and doesn’t shoot explosive fire) and it has stages.
    I know it’s rude to ask but I feel like you copied mine somehow :/

  137. Epic swallow says:

    Hi, love this add on soooo much. For an idea, maybe you can use the horses and retedure them so they look like dragons of maybe do that with the bigs so you look like you are hovering on a dragon. Or maybe use a ghast and refectory it so you can make it rideable and like a dragon. I don’t know. I’m just trying to think about how to do it without just leaving all of the hard work to you. Anyway great job. ?

  138. Jewel Paws says:

    Hi I’m trying to upload a map and I’m really new to this stuff. How do I get my download link to the world that I am making?

  139. Lucid says:

    I love this. it’s very awesome and makes my game even better!
    I have some questions, like are you thinking of adding more dragon colours, adding more stages or attempting to make the dragon rideable?

  140. dude says:

    make more types of dragons, and it would be epic if there were dragon battles

  141. TheBoss says:

    How the heck do you tame it I spent fourth five mins. On this.

  142. EpicNekoKitten says:

    I love this! Been waiting for this addon!

  143. Dave300 says:

    I am going to download this addon since I hear it is cool

  144. Wolf says:

    Really nice addon but a couple suggestions. If you can make it so they dont move around so much and follow us when we tame them. They move around too much and i cant tame feed them. I dont mind it when they arent tamed but when they are tamed they still dont care to stick by my side. and if possible make it so we can put a saddle on them and ride them. Also if possible randomize the looks/design of dragons if you can without replacing other mobs but its not as important as the first two

  145. The Doom Guy says:

    Wow Great Now We Don’t Have To Beg Mojang To Add Dragons Now ?

  146. Sephark says:

    How Can i change it spawn’s place pls?

  147. okaiwj says:

    I’ve been trying for ages,it’s not taking the cookies mutton I’m giving it

  148. TheKillerGaming6 says:

    Make it rideable plz! The coolness would be over 9000!

  149. Hello says:

    Uhm I cannot tame it I tried like a hundred times and still it doesn’t work!!!!!

    • Editor says:

      I have no idea what the issue for you can possibly be. But I have some suggestions:

      1. Have you tried setting the difficulty to max?
      2. Are you using cooked meat? It must be cooked – not raw!
      3. Have you tried several different types of meat? E.g. porkchop, mutton etc?
      4. You can only tame certain dragons. Try finding a few different dragons.

  150. Bob says:

    What a great idea for add-on. Sadly I can get behaviour pack to work. Minecraft can’t install it. When you examine download it looks empty.
    Also zip download seems to be empty too.
    I’m using ES File Explorer to look at files.
    No problem with resource pack and I create dragons in game.
    Shame. Anybody else having problems?

  151. Bobbob says:

    Does the dragon have to naturally spawn for you to tame it?

  152. Mega Adam says:

    It even level 20

  153. MrRandomGUY says:

    Can you make it so that you can make it sid and stand

  154. Mega Adam says:

    Wait so how do I tame it? And how do I level it up?

  155. Juan says:

    Amazing I love it although I would like it if the dragons were a little less sparatic.

  156. CraftingMike says:

    I hope he won’t burn my house O.O

  157. Nnnw says:

    You can’t tame them?I keep pressing down on it with cooked mutton but nothing happens

  158. Luuk says:

    And a sit and stand button pls 🙂 <3

  159. Luuk says:

    Pls make it so you can ride it

  160. Doctoremy says:

    Can you make them rideable ?

  161. BuggyPig says:

    Wow I loved this addon it is very cool 😀

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