Published on February 14, 2020 (Updated on February 15, 2020)

DrewsPack - End Portal Redesign w/ Blinking Eyes!

DrewsPack is currently a resource pack that redesigns all things ender, a new stylish creeper texture, and a few other cool changes here and there. For the future of this pack I plan to make more minor improvements, and redesign all the mobs!

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A new update coming soon! Stay tuned!


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the link doesn't work
Does the eye of ender item have a blinking animation?
Broo this is so sickk, it looks like some sort of galaxy color
Can you make a pack with rgb diamond block diamond ore diamond armor and diamond weapons that they change color every time.
Is is possible to make a texture pack with just the creeper?
It’s texture, along with its charged version are pretty cool!
This is pretty awesome! I'm making a pack of my own, so i wanted to ask if i could use the end stuff in mine. Is it ok if i do so?
Pls update it soon
I'd Like Blinking mob eyes if and if so make another pack called the blinking texture pack and all mobs that should blink, blink even the eye of ender.
Really Cool!
Very good and smooth textures, but i'd like to ask If you could maybe make the Endermans and Enderdragon a little Bit more Like in this texturepack, of course If it's not to much to ask. Have an nice day! :D
i think you should also make enderman have a more endery feel and with the dragon as well for the dragon make all the stuff that are gray purple and pink as it will now look more ender because the old one looks like your original dragon and endermen should have some purple on their arms and legs also if possible can you make the elytra look like wings? because it was a refrence to the wing cap from SM64
I have a good idea make all mobs but bees silverfish & endermites BLINK!
My suggestion is shining ores, blocks and glowing mob eyes (if possible)
Good suggestion! I'll probably add it in the next update!
Glowing eyes it has in AK texture
Rest in peace: The iconic-ism of creepers. ?