Published on February 05, 2021 (Updated on February 10, 2021)

Drippo 16x

Looking for a default edit PVP texture pack that gives you an fps boost and makes you good at PVP?

Then, Drippo 16x is the pack that fulfills your requirements

Drippo 16x is a default edit PVP texture pack for the bedrock version of Minecraft

Here are some images so you can take a look at the pack.

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I did not change anything I will change it you guys want me to

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Do you mean the textures of the ore blocks?
There is a black box around the crosshair that i would like to be fixed
That's not the texture pack's fault, first go to settings, then video settings, then scroll all the way down, then you see the Anti-Aliasing, turn that all the way down and that should fix the crosshair
looks very good!
I like the sky a lot :)

U could of change the block texture but nice pack!!!