DS : Factions 3.0 (Realm)

The classical Minecraft game from lots of servers can now be yours, with the click of a button! This map is made by Darkside studios.                

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Stop using tmearn if not i wont play in any of your maps anymore

stop fucking using tmearn
stop using tmearn its a fucking SCAM
I cant download it send me the full link my guy
If you cant download
Darkside please dont use Tmearn it is a very intensive scam or misleading site to use and it will efect how people view your account. I would try to use another website related to Tmearn but not exstensive to its misleading and maybe harmful ads on the site that pops up. Thank you.
I agree
Can you have a two mobs that can come together and become as one and after one of them die the seconds one is there example you have four zombies and they come together and you kill 3 of them you have only one left over 1 more spawned and they became together and you kill one of them you have only one left over and you kill the left one and you have 0 left over ok plz add that for me
I can't download it cause the link just goes to a scam website in particular either fake viruses or just inappropriate websites and I am not naming them but uhh I can't download anything from this website because of this problem I keep having
TRUE!!!! But I kept clicking Get Link and CLick Here to actually go to mediafire to download.
What are the commands?
when i open the server i cant use creative or commands i tried everything i know ( Operator role, default set creative etc. )
turn on cheats you nut head
i am not opped is there a way to op my self
Stop using AdFly, even if it does provide revenue. It serves no purpose other than to over-complicate the download and waste people's time and I'm pretty sure people are mostly aware that the entire site's a complete virus. So, why do you use it and not.. literally any other site?
I think its the only one available. It's there for every single download on this site.
Guest-2334353186 May 22, 2020 at 9:58 am
and allow map makers to make money from their work
I already downloaded the map and I try to open it with ES File Explorer but when saw my world's it is not in there. Why?? Please fix it.
Already download the map but i cant open it ? Anyone know how to fix this ?