Published on September 18, 2021 (Updated on April 25, 2022)

Dual Ore Add-on

This mechanic can change your search for ores abruptly, as this addon adds more than 44 different combinations of ores in a single block and dropping 2 or the same ore.

We added several combinations of ores in this addon, counting 44 including the all ores that has all of them. We changed the position of ores and as we added a lot they became a little harder to find.

We've found a solution for you: Depravators and minecraft explorers.  With this addon, you'll find new blocks of minerals that already exist in the game but in a different way.  Each block added will drop 2 or all important ores in the game.


ATTENTION!  The screenshots are to exemplify the blocks, however they are found separately and in small quantities like the normal ore blocks in the game.


Chances are all the ores in the block will drop.  as well as other chances of a single droppar ores.  In all ores, it's the same situation.


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Select version for changelog:


- Added +7 new blocks to the game. Gold, Netherie, Copper, Iron, and other combinations.

- Improved the positions of the blocks to be found more easily because it was very difficult.

- Fixed some bugs.


Turn on:

- Holyday Creator Features;

-Creation of Custom Biomes 

- Additional Moddings Capabilities.

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brother I've been with the mod for weeks but I can't find any of the blocks, check in another world with the creative and it is supposed that if I have it right and my question is, what are the coordinates where it would be easier to find?
Maybe they are even harder to find. In the next update I will improve this and the coordinates will be described in the description.
So there’s 2 of these now?
I do not know. But this one has been around for a few months now.
Can you add some deepslate dual ore included copper ore?
Can you make a dual ore for copper?
sorry . im download two moment and turn on you holyday and ... . but no new ore in inventory cretive . and im go mine but is normal ore
no one help me ?
Sorry for the delay in responding. But blocks don't appear in the creative. only in the deep layers of minecraft equal part of the game's ores. In the next update of this addon we will add new ones and maybe fix this bug
you fool . this site for download , fake . no link for download . i love this addon 😪
Download instructions are at the end of the post.
Hey! Nice Addon! How about Netherimond
Thanks for feedback. Ill add in future updates.
Please make a sub pack to where they look like old ores
I will add in future updates. Thanks for feedback
Very epic! Fun for survival gameplay, speedrunning, and just exploring. Nice!

Can I make a suggestion?
What about Gold quartz and Netherimond
I think That'd be epic

Overall, great ore addon that improves vanilla content.
Good idea! We appreciate the feedback and will add in the next addon update. Thanks!