Dungeon Craft v11.0: Europe II Update (Huge RPG Add-On)

A rift has opened and now all the universes in the multiverse are combining into one. The Bishnell Empire is on a rampage to to conquer the globe. It`s now up to you to save the world!

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Turn up the music bar to hear Battle for the Realm`s very own OST!

New music has been added


Roman Kingdom (Montagne)



In 1.18/1.19 Ayrith and Rome are in one biome that replaces the mega taiga

Cities and Areas of Note:


London thank you to @Wolfie-Sama for helping build

Stanford thank you to @Raccio for building



Montagne Forum

Roman Outposts thank you to @Raccio


Bishnell Prisons (spawn in Daurfrost) thank you to @Raccio

Resistance Base (spawns in Europe Biome/Bishnell) thank you to @Raccio


Galeyan Walker Mount

Imperial Galeyan Sword

Galeyan Armor

Bibulus Saxum Generator

Added Italian food :P

Progression Related Items:

Galeyan Energy



Cavalry (bow, spear, and sword)

Legions (archers, spearmen, and soldiers wielding a gladius)

NEW HERO- Lisa Delaurentis (The leader of Montagne/Rome)

The Sternkorper? What is that?


Galeyan Quadropod

Galeyan Mechanized Mortifer


Ayrith Colonial Guard

Ayrith Soldier

Ayrith Artillery

Ayrith Tank

Added Zeppelins for Bishnell thank you to @Raccio


Bessemer Steel Converter now requires rubies instead of iron

Bug Fixes:

Decreased structure loading lag

Added despawning to more mobs



Supported Minecraft versions

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Hello, author, can I get your authorization to upload this module to the Chinese version of My World?
This whole addon-pack is really expansive. I really love the effort that you guys did here!
AgrimMinecraftLegend June 23, 2022 at 11:43 pm
Bro I love the addon and fricking appreciate your hardwork there are some changes I would like to suggest
1 please add adventure maps which show nearby addon added biomes because finding daurfrost or dragonest or any biome is tough
2 please make wars a little less tough i died fricking 20 times to save a nation form bisnell heavy legion.
3 please remove those goddaam vegetables they cause mob and projectile freezing
4 add maps for all biomes in the game
That's pretty much all
Deberías de mejorar la distancia en que se generan las estructuras porque se sobreponen unas con otras.
wow this addon is so big !, it looks like you put lot of love and care in this addon
I love the idea and concept of this, but the structure spawning needs better rules. The terrain doesn't fit the structures either. They spawn in some of the strangest and most difficult to reach places. I had 3 cities spawn in on top of each other, each one erasing half of the other city. The camps are spawning in on top of trees and making it impossible to reach without great feats of agility. Again, love the idea and concept, but this just isn't working as is right now.
lag is a huge issue with the current version of Minecraft so Idk if playing this addon is worth it for the time being.
does it work on realms?
Yeah, it works
Hello, author, can I get your authorization to upload this module to the Chinese version of My World?
Hope you can change the Chinese flag to 🇹🇼 blue sky and white sun. After all, the first country to use the country name of China was the Republic of China, or the five-color flag was added to represent the five ethnic groups in China.
Extremely cool addon but I think that maybe the structure spawn rate should be slightly lower as structures are just spawning in the ground and in other structures. It is still amazing though and I love it.
Great Job!
Can you make a addon that only has the structures with no mobs items or anything just the structures
This comment has been removed
Hey, vrai suggestion j'ai h24 d'énorme problème avec le spawn des bâtiment et des mob il sont énormément fréquent ( donc j'ai essayer de retiré les structure les plus gênante pour les mob je peut rien faire a pars les supprimer donc ci vous pouviez vous diminuer le taux de spawn de boss mob et structure svp ? sinon mod super avec des biome magnifique
Your programming has improved over time, great add-on