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Published on March 16, 2015 (Updated on March 16, 2015)

Dungeon Death [Survival]

This is a multiplayer map requiring several team members (at least two). Each team member will be setup with his own task and will have to base his next decisions on that.

It's a fun survival map where the players work together to fight mobs and destroy the mob spawners to win the battle.

Creator: erge1030


Get everyone in your group to pick a class each. Each class should grab the gear that's find in the chest at spawn.

Explain to each team member what their type of character class is supposed to do:

  • Archer: Long range attacker, shoot arrows
  • Knight: Close battles with mobs, should get the main aggro as he has got the most armor
  • Blacksmith: Summon fire to deal damage over time
  • Wolf Tamer: Spawn and tame wolves to use for battle
  • Assassin: Close battle, use cobweb to slow enemies down
  • Water Wizard: Pour water on enemies to confuse them
  • Builder: Build a defense with the blocks given in the chest at spawn, put out fire etc
  • Trapper: Setup rails and minecarts to trap mobs. E.g.: place a rail in front of a mob that's going after him and then place a minecart on it before the mob can be the rail to damage it

Break the glass at spawn to get to the mob arena and start trying to destroy all the mob spawners to win the battle and take out all mobs.

Make sure to keep each of your classes' objectives in mind and focus on teamwork.

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This looks like a really cool map!