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Published on March 10, 2017 (Updated on March 10, 2017)

-111411759: Dungeon in Stronghold

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i don't found the spawn,you can post the cordinates please
Super awesome and so fun I was looking for something with a stronghold and yay! I found one!!! There is a golden apple in the chest, well one of them. And can somebody tell me if there is a endcity? I really want to find one.
Great seed but was the end portal naturally complete?
I couldn't find it
Awsome love it
I spawned near a plain land a dark oak forest
I agree this is really different and strange at the same time but
the arrows are not clear to where to go
Village pls has two dungeons in the stronghold. You guys need to explore the area more.
(MCPEDL editor will probably be too embarrased to post this)
village pls: