Published on March 02, 2019 (Updated on March 02, 2019)

SG Puzzle: Dungeon Shifters w/t solvedDev

Created By: SkyGames, FogzGamez, solvedDev

Dungeon Shifters is an arcade 3D Dungeon Puzzle game! This puzzle map has 4 main levels, We weren't sure if it was a good puzzle game, So we decided to test is with only 4 levels. If you guys like it, Leave a good review and we will publish more levels!


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Good concept, but it is too easy to break. Numerous times I have lost the box and had to go into creative. Would recommend though!
Doesn’t work on 1.9
What is the equivalent of right click in touch ?
It is a great ? map. But very buggy.
Not working! AdGuard blocks it!
Absolutely loved this map, would love to see more puzzles like this in the future!
Lol they say to /kill yourself
It was really fun to play, it's like a zelda dungeon