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Published on January 05, 2021 (Updated on February 07, 2021)

Duplication Add-on (COPPER UPDATE)!

Are you tired of mining too many ores in Minecraft. Well, this addon adds 11 types of sticks items that duplicate your diamonds and others. And this is my first addon which is 2021. You can check on below to see more details.


– First, open the crafting table or your own inventory.

– Take items such as coal ,iron ingot ,copper ingot ,gold ingot ,redstone ,lapis lazuli ,diamond ,emerald ,nether quartz, netherite scrap and netherite ingot. 

– Once you have already the items, craft the items like sticks. Like the image below.

– After that, you can craft the stick and its duplicated from 2 to 64. Like the image below.


Coal Stick

Iron Stick

Copper Stick NEW

Gold Stick

Redstone Stick

Lapis Lazuli Stick

Diamond Stick

Emerald Stick

Quartz Stick

Netherite Scrap Stick

Netherite Stick

Introducing Copper Stick

WARNING: Copper Stick only compatible with Minecraft PE or later only not for below

Note: Reason for copper stick was added you need to turn 3 experiments options

This addon compatible with Minecraft version 1.13 to 1.16.Make sure you enabled Holiday Creator and Additional Modding Capabilities experiments features[1.16.100 or later]. For 1.13. to 1.16.40 just enabled Experimental Gameplay.

You are allowed to:

To modify this addon for personal use

Make a modpack

You are not allowed to:

Claim as yours

Rename the manifest.json files

Don't put this addon on any apps and websites

This addon have tested on Android. Other devices not sure if work or not better test yourself.

If you want to make showcase on your youtube channel at least credit me. And make sure you put MCPEDL link not mediafire. And sorry you cannot susbscribe my youtube channel because i'm not ready yet to upload video on my channel.

Old version of this addon still exists its compatible with 1.13 or later

If you have the old version of this addon delete the old one and install new one

Select version for changelog:


Added copper stick

Added copper stick crafting recipes

Planned for Amethyst Stick for next update


Download the addon

Import the addon in Minecraft

Create a world

Apply the behavior pack and resources pack to new world before create

Enabled Experiments[1.16.100 or later]

Holiday Creator Features

Additional Modding Capabilities

For Minecraft 1.13 to 1.16

Enabled Experimental Gameplay

Enabled Experiments for [ or later]

Caves & Cliffs

Holiday Creator Features

Additional Modding Capabilities


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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5 / 5 (9 votes)
the tags say 1.14 but the thing says "Only compatible with Minecraft PE or later only not for below."
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wait i thought this was a mine craft quiz wtf its a comment btw cool mod
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I want Wood Duplicator | This mod is OP I like it
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Cool but can you teach me how create do a mod
I really want to create one but dont know how
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U can using Minecraft Addon Maker. Sorry but i can't teach you because it could be really hard for you to understand.
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Can you also add for woods ?
Pls replay ⚡
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I know that it would be hard but i really want to learn it and Addon maker isnt the best way because i cant make the really cool things with it.
Please help me.
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I actually made a very similar addon to this, but i was not puting ir at mcpedl i created the addon just for fun, so heres all the details theres a new mob called dark wizard he trades a multiplier dust but you have to trade him end game items and its a hard work but i made all the blocks and items multipliyable (if thats a word) i spend all day with this addon and i gave up half way so you can only multiply half of every items and blocks of minecraft thats my story :)
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Wow, touched a nerve huh? It is overpowered and people will point it out so I don't know why you're aggressive to someone who is just stating something.
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