Published on October 17, 2023 (Updated on December 03, 2023)

Durability Viewer [1.0.2]

On Java Edition, we can see the durability of all the items which have the durability component. But it is not possible to see the durability on Bedrock. Except using script ! So this script will allow you to see the durability of your items ! This is awesome !

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Changelog 1.0.4 :

  • Remove pop-up in the external download links.

Changelog 1.0.3 :

  • Change the external download links.

Changelog 1.0.2 :

  • Change the word on the lore of item who displayed the item's durability. Before, it was "Durabilité", now it is "Durability".


Supported Minecraft versions

it is works with custom items?
I don't try but I think it works on custom item
Hello , l am a Chinese playerl want to move some of your addons to a Chinese website ( Bec ause the link in your post can ' t be downloaded by many Chinese players . I will mark the original author and the address of the original post . Hope you can agree !
they can download it, don't creating your own link as a download, please respect the work of the creator
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