Published on April 30, 2021

Dyeable Armor Stand

Have you ever wanted to dye your armor stands to fit the design of the interior of your house? or just wanted to dye it to make your room colorful? This addon adds the ability to the dye your armor stand.

This is a simple addon that enables you to dye your armor stands with different colored dyes. You only need a colored dye and an armor stand.

To dye an armor stand simply hold a dye on your hand, sneak and click the armor stand to dye it.

When dyeing an armor stand be sure to not have anything on the armor stand like items, armor, etc. because this will remove anything that is attached to the armor stand when you dye it.

When the armor stand is dyed you cannot dye it anymore to change its color. To change its color you need to break it and dye it again. Breaking the armor stand will dropped an armor stand item.


  • Hold dye and sneak to dye (Be sure nothing is attached to the armor stand).
  • Break and place armor stand again to change color.



  • Experimental Mode Turned On
  • Might not work in BETA

Supported Minecraft versions

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Bruh use linkvertize its easier and NO VIRIS and you get paid more
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DreamfanVinceLouisfriend May 01, 2021 at 8:24 am
Nice but the li got virus from adfly
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