Dynamic Light Sources (Totem Update)

Supports up to 21 light sources, including those added in the Nether update. Holding any glowing block or item will continuously illuminate the space near you, and even throw the torch out!

You can hold any luminous block or item to use, It will continue to illuminate the space near you and their brightness will be consistent with its brightness in Minecraft

Support up to 21 light sources, including those added in the Nether update. These light sources will follow its physical properties in Minecraft. For example, when you enter the water with a torch, it will go out.
Here is a short demo video

Light source list

In most cases, these light sources can be divided into three categories:

Only allowed to be used on the ground(brightness):

  • Redstone Torch(7)
  • Soul Fire Torch(10)
  • Soul Fire Lantern(10)
  • Torch(14)
  • Campfire(15)
  • Lantern(15)

Only allowed to be used underwater:

  • Sea Pickle

Allowed to use on the ground or underwater(brightness):

  • Magma Block(3)
  • Blue Ice(4)
  • Ender Chest(7)
  • Enchantment Table(12)
  • Shroomlight(15)
  • Jack o’Lantern(15)
  • Sea Lantern(15) –  Invalid
  • Beacon(15)
  • Conduit(15)
  • Glowstone(15)
  • Totem(7) – NEW
  • Endrod(14) – NEW

Special light source

Golden Helmet & Totem

It glows only when you are holding an item, which seems not perfect. But don’t worry, when you wear a gold helmet or hold on totem(support off-hand) you can also emit a faint light(7)

Throw Torch

In addition, there is a surprising new item – Throw torch!

The brightness of the throw torch is the same as the torch, Just like crafting torches, you need to consume an extra stick on average to crafting.

When you need to place a torch in the distance, just press and hold the right mouse button(long press the screen) to charge.

Wait for the “tick”(or wait for the inventory cooling time to expire) then fire the torch, the torch will fly in the air for a while, and it will be perfectly inserted into the block it hits.while consuming a torch.

If the torch hits a mob while in flight, it will be ignited briefly.

The inspiration for making this item is the Moonworm Queen in the Twilight Forest(Java Edition). Although this is not a moonworm launcher, but its a good idea to launch a torch.

This is the real “Dynamic” light source😂

Instructions for use

You can use this addons:
1. Used in the creation of non-profit servers / maps
2. Used in video creation, but you must attach a link to this page
3. Reposted to the forum / blog, but you must attach a link to this page

You cannot:
1. Upload this addons to other unauthorized platforms
2. Reselling or providing download links not provided on this page
3. Modify any code in the package and make a second release

Game guide

Details of components can be viewed at any time in the “How to play”, and the “How to play” can be found on the left side of “Settings”

Supported languages

If you would like to help me create better add-ons, Welcome to follow me on Twitter and subscribe to my channel.I will post my latest updates on it.


Before that, we will detect whether you have enabled the experimental game mode. If it is not enabled, some interesting features will be missing. Of course you can use it as usual without turning it on.

Compatibility fix

If you want to use it with my other addons, you need to download an additional compatible package to install it. For specific operations, see the demo video below.

Supported version: 1.14+

Please click on the ad to support me, this will determine whether my next work will be inserted into the ad

Changelog View more

* New light source: End rod, Totem(off-hand use). 
* Rewrite the code of when switching light sources.(Now it will look smoother)
* Added languages: Russian(@LinadVonapets), Georgian(@Alex_Gloveli).
* In this version you don’t need to update the compatibility pack
Georgian is not yet supported by Bedrock Edition, if supported, it can be used directly in the future~
Has received the issue that the sea lantern can not be used, its repair work will be postponed. The content of the game guide will be updated in the next version.

Nether new version adds too many things, I need some time to update.

*Supplemental game guide information
*Supplement lost videos
*Add links to download addons directly

I wish you a good time ~!


After Download the .mcaddon file open them to your Minecraft.
Running on low-end devices may cause major problems.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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Installation Guides

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69 Responses

4.37 / 5 (27 votes)
  1. Gojou says:

    Can i use this addon and use other addon ??

  2. grinx says:

    Bruh this is just a combination of 2 addons

    u legit just copied it straight from them, even the throwable torches

  3. SoraCuzHeLikesMC says:

    I really like this addon But I want it to be resource pack only, I have a world I’m planning to beat, and am to lazy to get multiple coal just for torches.
    Thank you!

  4. Prinxz says:

    5 stars to you! I reviewed it on my channel! go check it out! ” Prinxz ” is the name :]]]

  5. logicc says:

    it can’t run on the bedrock server?

  6. nathan394 says:

    Olá, é realmente incrível este addon, eu quero te pedir para que adicione um item experimental no addon, onde a luz é segmentada para onde o jogador está olhando, se possível

  7. Its_Not_RonBon123 says:

    Can you try and make it so we can hold it in our off land like in Java Edition?

  8. Rafdioactivo says:

    This addon is VERY GOOD, but there are a fews issues that can be fixed and mechanics that would make this a lot better.

    First, I would like that the lava bucket, the nether star and the blazer rod also emit light.

    And there are a few items that doesn’t emit light, Luke the shroomlight and the soul campfire


    This is great but there are a couple issues. First of all, there are some light sources that don’t work such as shroomlights and soul campfires. Second, since underwater lighting uses night vision, if you already have night vision and use the light underwater, you will lose your night vision when you get out of the water. Lastly, Dropped items do not emit light. Overall, this is a pretty good addon, but it would be better if these were fixed.

  10. Guest-6930210592 says:

    i hate this site link for 1.14 not working stupid creator

  11. Guest-6123267142 says:

    how to download for

  12. Guest-7658153703 says:

    How to download?
    i dont know how to download for

  13. Guest-8708928514 says:

    this is cooooool

  14. Guest-3784274175 says:

    only a sugestion, and only if it is possible, but are there any way to make all of the possible (or even just a few, like lamps and torches i don’t know) to be used off hand? i mean, realisticly speaking, it is kinda logic to be able to have one item like a sword on one hand and in the other one source of light, in the same way of when using the totem, is there a way to give the behaviors of for example the nautilus shell witch can be equiped on the off hand but it is only cosmetic to the light sources? it would be very cool and outstanding among the others addons who have similar functions to this one, but any way this is already the best one out there!!

    • Guest-8897266458 says:

      i am the same who made this question

      i entered to the magic world of building addons, and now i have answered my own question, at least on my little experience i haven´t found any type of behavior or any way of do it, the code who says “you can equip this item on the off hand” is nowhere, at least on the usual files, and to say the truth, i have entered the files of your mod to try to understand how it works and i don´t finish to get it, but the part i have understanded was very very clever! i will not disclose my findings on it because every one may read it, and i don´t know if you have troubles with that, but my god! sheess!! or maybe it was really not so complicated, i came from just doing crazy things with command blocks (not in my videos, i usualy make things a lot more complicated for the realm for me and my friends) but the thing i have seen on your mod where anywhere on the beginer tutorials i seen, tried to replicate it with command blocks and it went bad, i guess i just don´t understand it all, anyways thanks

  15. Guest-2362019602 says:

    About some time after I got the mod It randomly just stopped working. Doesn’t work with or without experimental mode on.

  16. Guest-3699611161 says:

    If I only enable the texture pack will it still work or do I need to enable the behavior pack too?

  17. Guest-1581149566 says:


  18. Guest-6740208395 says:

    Absolutely Fabulous

  19. Guest-7221560349 says:

    Bug: Due to the way the add-on works, It updates gravel and sand when I get close and it falls on me. It also updates all walls creating a pillar, which is kinda weird.

  20. Guest-3358694328 says:

    Bug Report/Request: I was trying to make this work with the boomerang ad-don and, the musket ad-don when I put your behavior packs over the boomerang and musket behavior packs your throwing torch worked but the musket and boomerang did not, would you mind trying to make it compatible with those packs? also if u can try and make it compatible with the console versions of bedrock? and it would be cool if u attempted to make it compatible with the education version of the game. if these request are not possible I completely understand I eagerly await for your reply.

  21. Guest-5764476391 says:

    In version when I die at least 1 time, if I hold the torch again it will not light

  22. Guest-3950333817 says:

    I use Addons on my PS4 by using my phone as a host server, and for a while your addon didn’t appear to be completely compatible with my PS4 because it wouldn’t let my throw the throwing torch which frustrated me because I grew quite found with the idea of throwing torches in Minecraft, when it didn’t work I was just going to give up then and there because it’s very common for Addons to not want to cooperate on the PS4 but I couldn’t bear the idea of it not working so I tried everything I could to fix it thinking of as many thing as possible, first I thought I improperly transferred the files so I tried throwing the torch on my phone because it wasn’t working on my PS4 thinking if it didn’t work on my phone I did something wrong but my suspicions where incorrectly as it worked completely fine on my phone so then I thought it might have something to do with how my buttons where configured so I tried using my PS4 controller on my phone using Bluetooth to properly configuring my controls on the PS4 thinking that hade something to do with the issue I threw the torch on my phone using the PS4 controller worked perfectly fine tried it on my PS4 still didn’t work then I retransferred the files thinking like before I might have improperly transferred them or something did it didn’t fix the issue, so then I tried various button combination on my PS4 controller it worked when I pressed L2 and circle, however there was a catch it dropped the torch item every time I threw a torch so I tried reconfiguring drop to down and use circle did that, didn’t work so my question for you is can you make it to where it works without dropping the item? Also the animation of it pulling back didn’t work The sound cue did so I was wondering if u could try and get that working on consoles as well? Do you think this is possible? Sorry it’s so long and also for my grammar.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Very good addon. It’s perfect. I use It in all of my worlds. Thanks for create this addon

  24. Guest-2877373161 says:

    I loved the mod. It just improved the way minecraft is by a lot.

  25. Guest-7839006273 says:

    may dakonblackrose use your addon for his crazycraft/rlcraft modpack?

  26. Guest-5159386692 says:

    Thank you for your hard work, really appreciate it, this mod is awesome

  27. Shockwave_S08 says:

    Some feedback regarding throwable torches…

    1. When winding up for a throw, the torch’s dynamic light turns off, rendering one unable to see their target in near-pitch black areas.
    2. The throwable torch seems to be very selective on what it wants to stick to; sometimes threw it directly at a valid surface, only for the collision to not register, and therefore waste a torch.
    3. Is it possible to add it to the list of recipes in the Crafting Table menu, instead of having to drag-and-drop the sticks manually?

    Other than these small nitpicks, very handy for lighting up very tall caverns!

  28. Guest-4179387116 says:

    Can you make it multiplayer compatible please

  29. C.Latte says:

    Is it media fire or is the newest update is not uploaded correctly?

    the button on media fire doesn’t do anything

  30. FrAndroid says:

    There is a bug, and that is that when a creeper explodes near you while you have a torch in hand, an object will fall which if you place it will give light and it is an invisible block.
    They could also add the lava bucket as a light source

  31. Guest-9378527795 says:

    I LOVE THIS! Will you create more addons?

  32. Guest-6749545161 says:

    I don’t normally comment on mods but this works so well I couldn’t sit here and not say this is a great mod. I’m not a bot, I like tacos

  33. Guest-4654613131 says:

    Is this even for pocket edition?

  34. Guest-7481485275 says:

    Doesnt work with vein miner by dakon blackrose

  35. Totem of undying should emit light in both ground and underwater

  36. Guest-7193580622 says:

    i dont know why and im not saying this is bad but i cant get the throwable torch and everythingelse works and im fine without it but i dont know why it didnt work for me.

  37. Guest-5441481671 says:

    Can You Make Flares

  38. Guest-9117711890 says:

    It is nice, but you forgot Minecraft education edition.
    There is underwater torch

  39. Guest-5140514920 says:

    Is it on xbox

  40. SirMephisto666 says:

    Thanks for this great add-on. Looks awesome, didn’t test it yet though. I wish to download the compatibility add-on but the site is invalid. All I get is a generic url shortener site without any file from multiple browsers. I presume the issue lies in somewhere else but not my side. Could you please fix it? Thank you.

  41. Guest-8612874167 says:

    So… 1.16 only?

  42. XG says:

    This is alright except the multiplayer compatibility is seemingly non existent.

  43. Average Addon Man says:

    There’s a similar addon called Realight. 🙂 Still cool though

  44. Guest-1709189767 says:

    Can you mix Your tow Addons? The Dynamic Light Sources and Scenter for BedrockEdition

  45. DiegoN says:

    Can you make a link that goes sight to midafire

  46. Guest-5192498365 says:


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