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Published on October 08, 2015 (Updated on October 08, 2015)

Dynamic Lights PE Mod

Please add more helmet like diamond / iron becouse gold helmet durability low and low defence
Can you please make another file making this a Mc addon? Thanks!
we need a car and motorsycle
Hello! the link is down
Why is it removed?
Dropbox says 404
Please fix this ASAP
Can This Be Updated to an Addon instead of mod for blocklauncher?
Please add dinamic light for mcpe 1.0.0⬆the dat was gone i cant downloaded it .Please add it
Awwwww I try to download but when i downloading at Dropbox but it's says 'we can't find what you looking for' ? ? how to add mods in iPad IOS and I don't have my own computer
i have a laptop but the same thing happened to me
Are you to busy, or are you able to make an add on version of this for non jail-broken/non Android users, please? This could help in a lot of ways for a lot of people.
Sadly I Can't Use It... :/ Its A blocklauncher and i cant use it..... sorry i cant use it... (also extra story, this person deleted MCPE on there PC cuz of another dynamic lights addon lol)
Does this mod work for mcpe 15.2.1?
The link is broken, pls fix it.
sometimes the lights just flick randomly
How come on es file manager it says its a bad zip file and i cant compress it to make it a folder
Make sure it is fully downloaded before trying to unzip it.