Published on May 03, 2017

Earthbending in Vanilla (Command Blocks) [Redstone]

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toneybrown going down tone December 14, 2018 at 2:36 pm
i ask for the cheat on the print put it does not show me the cheat there for 1 star
Can You Make It Were You Can Use Keys On The Keyboard To You The Earth Bending If You Can
Should I make a World with a world edit command block set, kind of like this? I’ve made it and just use it for my builds, but I don’t know if others would like to use it.
3x3 Lift- lifts a 3x3 Block from under the point upwards
3x3 Descend- Same as 3x3 lift but downwards
3x3 Hole- makes a 3x3 hole around the target
Grass Layer- Lays a 3x1x3 of grass under player for limited time. Good for custom hills.
Kill Nametag- tag the pest, let it die
Kill radius30- kills mobs in a radius of 30
//top- tps player to the top floor of a building
Dirt->Grass- Turns dirt to grass in a radius of 30
WE Kit- spawn a kit with the items inside.

Machine can be turned on and off
Machine uses different mobs to activiate each
Only interferes with mobs, which should be killed before using WE
Tested repeatedly. All work every time.
Actually, now I’ve figured out that by naming a shulker box with items in it, when I break it, the item will keep its name, and trigger the command. The original shulker box will stay in your hand, and it will still activate it, so no issues anymore, just pure WorldEdit goodness.
I watched Avatar XD ( a cartoon that has element bending)
Hi guys can you please help me to upload my map here in mcpedl. I would like to upload my map name Avatar Vendings. Its a command block creation map. You can use Earth, Water, Fire, Metal, Lightning, and Lava Bending. So can you guys please teach me how to upload maps here? This map creation was so cool! This inspired me to made my own map. :))
awesome map
Heh that's is a nice thing but earth pillar can you make it so that it could summon a line of block
This is awsome by the way my Minecraft name is AWSOMEKHSABER
I should have gotten this idea. Good job!