Edgeless Crystals

Edgeless Crystals is one of many textures that is similar to the connected crystals in Minecraft Java.
And it is the only texture that gives you the option of putting the crystals in 3 different ways.

Clean Crystals:

Edgeless crystals:

Crystals with Edge:


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In this new version the following has been added:

A new option is now available (Edge Crystals) which plays a Reflection animation when you activate Edgeless Crystals next to Animated Blocks.

The educational edition Hardened Crystals have been put EC texturing.

Some Crystals have had a slight color change.

Supported Minecraft versions


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Realmente agradable, ¿para cuándo la actualización? :)
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Simply amazing
It does what it says not mame glass completely invisible removes edges
And the best thing is its link is on mediafare making it super easy to downloas
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