By Editor
Published on October 02, 2016 (Updated on October 02, 2016)

eggSplegg [Minigame] [Modded] (Add-on)

Nice Map But.......
Gotta say props to you for making this, mean it's amazing
You can't play multi with add-ons.
Ever thought about it?

No, you only think about yourself.
That was rude...

And your wrong btw
You can't? I didn't know. I haven't really tried using add-ons for more players than myself.

Please be respectful. Do no evil!
I think you are wrong actually. As long as both players have the resource pack activated it should work fine. I really can't see a reason why it wouldn't work.
Well true also now it says do you want to download whatever it is and then you can play together