Published on July 31, 2019

Elemental Ore Add-on (1.13+)

This Add-on adds a new ore in your game. The Elemental Ore! The Elemental Ore is a mix of these six ores: diamond ore, iron ore, gold ore, coal ore, and lapis lazuli ore. When extracted, the Elemental Ore will drop one of these six ores. The Elemental Ore is easy to find. His rarity is like the rarity of iron ore!


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

For anyone who dont know how to get on 1.13: On Win10 and XB use insider hub and go to the minecraft page Android: Minecraft page onn google play
You can download it on xbox its just extra steps aka can't copy the link
Does this work on mcpe 1.13 beta(android)?
Armour itens no ;-; :(
Are this cursed
I can’t find any of the ores naturally
Please give credit to Phoenix SC.
Mediafire please, also make it for console
Links take you to a garbage ad website that doesn’t even take you to the link. Would be cool if people could even download it.
Change it to Mediafire,and .make it so it works for console. 1st!
For console if you cannot download the mod because it is not a mediafire than you can just go on your computer or phone if you have one and go through the steps on whatever website the link sends you to until you get to the download page and then send that link to your xbox on gmail or something and then you can download it.