Published on August 02, 2021 (Updated on August 10, 2021)

Elemental Stones Add-On V.2

I’ve played upwards of up-to 100 hours of Minecraft. This has given me a very good look at how it’s textured, developed, and coded. Know, this may not be as big as a Minecraft update, but my goal is to make it really feel like one. This Add-on adds 8 new elemental stones. All of which have their own unique items and features! You can spawn boulders or save your self from a fiery demise in a lava lake. Please, have fun, don’t steal, and Enjoy!

Start out by making a refinery and element table. They are used to craft all the items in this add-on. The Element Table makes most of the items. The Refinery makes all the refined metals.

First is Earthium, which is found in deserts and is used for armor and of course, the Earth Stone.

Second, we have the Water Stone, this is made from things like nautilus shells, which now have recipes. You can also make a awesome sword, or a rod for breathing underwater.

Then, we have the Fire Stone. Mostly made from nether materials. Expect the items to be helpful in fiery situations.

Next is the wind stone. You NEED to make a cloud converter. When stepped on it will convert diamond ore to cloud ore. Make sure to make a parachute!

After that is the ice stone. This fun item is made after getting a Freeze Ray. When used over water you get special ice used for the ice stone.

Next we have the nature stone. This one is fairly simple. All you have to craft are emerald carrots and diamond potatoes. Both of these items are food sources, but, they never run out! Make sure to craft them to never go hungry again. 

Following the nature stone, we have the lightning stone, my personal favorite. Get an advanced lightning rod and stand over obsidian to get electrified obsidian. This is used for the stone and a new sword.

Finally, we have the metal stone. This one is easy to get and is made from the metals from the refinery.

The Ingots/crystals all have specific blocks btw

You could also run into a elemental ghost. They drop phantom membrane. Just don’t get hit!

Please enjoy this add-on and have fun!

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Fixed the Media Fire Link for Elemental Stones Add-On

Updated textures 


Click on the Mediafire link and click download! Enjoy the add-on and watch for future updates!


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So you need elemental dust for the elemental table and you can make the dust in the table but how do you make the dust before getting the table?
You can make elemental dust in a crafting table.
Dear author, can I reprint your work
I suggest that can you add this elements Nature, Electric, Dark, Light, Ice, wind, Poison and Time i really love this addon and keep it up
Thanks, I’ll include some of those!
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