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Published on April 12, 2017 (Updated on April 12, 2017)

Elemental Witches Add-on

The Elemental Witches Add-on adds four new witches to the game and each one has a unique set of powers. All of them should be considered minibosses since they are very powerful if you compare them to any of the current non-boss mobs. One thing that doesn't make things easier is the fact that all of them got minions who will protect them.

Creator: Kiritocris55, Twitter Account


There are four new types of witches and each one can be found spawning in a different biome. They are all equally powerful and that's why it's recommended to only try to attack one if necessary, or if you've got the proper gear to deal with them.

Witch of Wind

  • Replaces skeletons
  • Health: 50 hearts
  • Spawns: Plains
  • Shoots shulker projectiles
  • Slime minions

Dark Witch

  • Replaces bats
  • Health: 62.5 hearts
  • Spawns: Caves (spawns sometimes when killing a mule)
  • Shoots wither heads
  • Protective guard minions

Storm Witch

  • Replaces strays
  • Health: 75 hearts
  • Spawns: Snowy biomes
  • Unleashes a powerful rain of thunder on the layer, causes blindness
  • Slime minions

Witch of the Underworld

  • Replaces wither skeletons
  • Health: 87.5 hearts
  • Spawns: The Nether
  • Shoots large fireballs
  • Their protective guards causes explosions when attacking players


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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Cool, But in Next Update of this Addon, please add a ICE WITCH which can walk in the water and turn into ice

maybe it shoots snowballs too..
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What about the normal witch?
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Hey make a pink sheep add on pinksheep replaces sheeps and add purple shep make him replace cows also make failboat make him replace Any mob u want also add expoldingtnt and he replaces the tnt if you don't know go to YouTube and search expoldingtnt
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Yo yo yo please make a PinkSheep & PurleShep add-onn, PinkSheep may replace Wolfs and PurpleShep replaces ocelots, just to also have common sheeps!
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Hey Can you PLEASE post a Pokémon add on I mean you have one but with all the new stuff addons can do. For example you could turn a shulker into a pokéball crafter and PLEASE make the player ride them please, I know this is a lot but please do whatever you can to make working pokéballs.
~ your Pokémon master FuzzyTuna
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Seed for the ice witch picture? Looks epic
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Stormfive's Friend April 12, 2017 at 9:17 am
FIRST COMMENT YOY #PGN by the way this addon looks so cool that it's exciting once you read the title. Anyone agree? P.S thx Kiritocris55 4 making this add on
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Yo, do you know how to make addons? If so, please make a Pink Sheep addon, where sheep are replaced with Pink Sheep mobs, which are tamable using doritos. Please make it so at first the Pink Sheep do not have the awsome glasses until they are tamed.
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Thx for making this :3
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