Published on February 03, 2020 (Updated on August 07, 2020)

Elephants & Hippo Add-On

Time for some big ol' elephants, Elefantes grandes! And they can be all yours. Well, not the ones I've already tamed. They're mine. If I can remember where I put them. A room somewhere....

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Turned on those hippos! Thanks, again, to odarmamx - who noticed these invisible beasts were actually spawning.


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Hippos are very cute, awesome update!
Guest-7529521132 May 30, 2020 at 5:38 am
Great addon. Now all we need is better textures!!!!!!
Bro there is a fantom hippo in this addon, and they spawn cause they sapwn rules file exists, but they are agresive and invisible
Elephants in V3 are not rideable there's no Mount button and they don't attak you anymore, so now you can't tame them, tamed ones in V1 still tamed but can't tame new ones in V3.
Thank you for adding my suggestion and boosting there health. Keep up the good work!
Sorry about me forgetting to rate your work, busy day. Keep it up though.
I see potential, keep it up and you’ll have some fine healthy elephants. Dr Doberman out.
Decent addon but the elephant's textures need some work, and the model is just a tiny bit too complicated. Still well done!
Can you please buff the Elephants health? They have such low health compared to the mobs from your other addons. Maybe make it so Elephants have 120 full hearts?
Good point Sse. I've made such a change and have submitted to mcpedl.
Necesitas cambiar la textura a alguna más realista pls!
Can we also get mammoth thats spawn in winter boimes and a buffalo and bison and snakes
Nice but you should improve the models of elepants
I think this is a good start. You just need to change the models. To make much awesome.