Published on January 09, 2021 (Updated on January 21, 2023)

Elingo's Chainsaws Add-on (Updated)

Did you ever want to get more wood and cut it in a faster way too? This addon makes it a lot easier to cut trees by using a chainsaw for wood. There are different types of chainsaws you can use, for example wooden chainsaw, stone chainsaw, iron chainsaw, golden chainsaw, diamond chainsaw and netherite chainsaw.

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  • Fixed & Updated all the textures
  • Now all chainsaws instantly break logs
  • Updated the crafting recipe
  • Added chains that are for the new chainsaw recipes

Supported Minecraft versions

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Tiene song / audio the motocierra?
Chainsaw Man!
Awesome mod! How fast does it take for the chainsaw to kill a zombie? Can the chainsaw kill a zombie?
this mod is cool, some mods are very complex and hard but this one is simple and simple is good :).
p.s. if the creator is reading i have some ideas for this mod 1. when using it the item is a lil too big, 2. the chainsaws could run on fuel. i think the mod would be better with those things in it
Very nice addon elingo can you make tour mobheads wearable
Hello Elingo! This Is A Very Interesting Add-on I Love It, But I Do Have Some Suggestions, 1. Can You Add A Charging Mechanic For The Chainsaws When You Right Click And Then You'll See How Much Charge Left After You Charged It Above The Hotbar Then You Can Just Left Click Then The Tree Will Automatically Be Destroyed Like The Timber Mod, 2. I Do Wanna Se Durabilities Cause The Netherite Chainsaw!, I DId An Add-on Review And Overall I Love The Textures I Love The Concept, I Can't Wait For V2 Good Luck Dude!
Hey can I use this in a ModPack?
Does it have the spinning blade animation?
Is it like when you touch logs it will break?