Elingo's End Update Add-on (Updated Textures & Items!) (1.20.20+)

This addon turns the empty End dimension into a purple forest. This addon also adds a new ore to the End dimension called enderite, which can be used to craft armor and tools that are stronger and have more durability then netherite.

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  • updated the texture of the end fruit block
  • updated the texture of the end planks
  • updated the texture of the end grass block
  • updated the texture of the end path block
  • updated the texture of the mossy end bricks
  • fixed the end ore generation
  • fixed the dirt block
  • fixed the end grass block
  • fixed the enderite items
  • adjusted the end fruit

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Pinned comment
hello. does it support 1.20.60 cuz its not working hope you update soon
Have you fixed the armor and tools to where the armor is now better then netherite? Because as far as I know the only thing better then netherite is the sword. Also, I recommend looking into putting armor trims on the armor.
can you add these?
wear enderite armors will give resistance 4(because these armors are weaker than netherite)
or add more hearts
add raw enderite block
There is a bug where every time I try to drink the potion of the end my game instantly crashes
why does it not work for me
the dark items don't work for me but everything else does
update for 1.20!!
Triplestring79999 June 18, 2023 at 3:14 am
Stupid scam website
Endphantom, mounstrosityend and mob flying :D
ID: 10f28191-686a-4dea-b756-f56feca51fc1 is missing, pls Bugfixx and Update for 1.9.70
Hey Elingo, the linkvertise ad is making me download an EXE. Now I think you can see why I wouldn't want to download something just so I can get a MC add-on, but even when trying a bypasser it still wouldn't let me through. If you are able to fix the linkvertise link and make it so I and others do not have to download an EXE file that would be great.
Hello, Elingo. I love this addon, but I have an issue with the end ores. If I mine them with the correct pickaxe (I used diamond), the ore breaks, and my game crashes. I did enable all of the experimental features for this addon. Also, the texture for the end door is absent. If it helps, I am playing this mod on 1.19.40.
how do i download
Can you add some end mobs to look better 🙂
Insane Mod (in a good way)
Missing dependency with ID 'c34244bf-dac6-48a8-bf5c-72a7a2908a70' and version '1.16.10'.