Published on August 13, 2020 (Updated on July 19, 2021)

Elingo's Golden Food Add-on

This addon adds 18 new Golden Food items that give you the same effects like the golden apple. There is even more golden food than before. Now the addon works for 1.17

Here are all the crafting recipes.


Golden Beef


Golden Beetroot


Golden Beetroot Soup


Golden Bread


Golden Chicken


Golden Chorus Fruit


Golden Cookie


Golden Mushroom Stew


Golden Mutton


Golden Baked Potato


Golden Potato


Golden Pumpkin Pie


Golden Rabbit


Golden Rabbit Stew


Golden Sweet Berries


Golden Water Bottle


Golden Suspicious Stew


Golden Porkchop


Golden Beetroot Seeds


You can even farm the golden crops


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  • Changed some textures
  • Now you can use bone meal on the crops


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4.2 / 5 (5 votes)
Hello Nice Mod Pack. But Can i use the textures for my mod
Bro I found a bug, it appears when you plant the beet seed, it does not grow as the same one, but a golden potato plant grows. and that's the bug (by the way I'm from xbox console)
You should add golden suspicious stew that when eaten, would boost the effects effect time (suspicious stew like lasts 10 seconds, so mabye like 35 seconds would be cool)
The golden beef looks like a literal cheese-steak lol
Make it so we can farm golden berries
I especially like this addon. Can I reprint it to Minecraft China? What I need is a commercial license
Do these golden foods have any unique abilities?
At the moment they're just like the regular golden apple, but I'll be adding more abilities to them in the next update.
Que hace cada comida?
Son como manzanas de oro la mayoría aunqe algunos Dan salto y cosas