Published on October 21, 2020 (Updated on October 26, 2020)

Elingo's Mob Swords Add-on - 10 Swords (1.16+)

This addon adds 5 new swords to the game that can only be obtained by killing a mob.

!!! If you run into any issues, let me know in the comments !!!

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  • Blaze Sword
  • Slime Sword
  • Witch Sword
  • Wither Sword
  • Phantom Sword

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i like it but it would be cool if they had abilites
Can you enchant them with sharpness
I'm rating 5 stars just because you give us the Mediafire link straight up.
Also this addon is really good for people who want more options for swords but don't want to go overboard with features.
Great job.
Add some features like everytime the creeper sword hit something it will explode like creeper and also the blaze sword make it upgraded diamond sword with fire aspect 2 but it's better you did great today
It's a good concept but the problem is that the swords add basically nothing to the game. Maybe add special abilities like the creeper sword can set anything it hits on fire
Like the concept, but maybe add special features to them?
heres a list if you can do any of them please

creeper sword blows up when you hit doasnt damage you

zombie sword gives hunger to anything you hit

skeleton sword right click to shoot arrows youses durability

enderman sword right click teleports you 15 block that way

spider sword climb block if not possible try hit put in cobweb

blaze sword shoots fire

witch sword gives random bad potion effect when hit

wither sword shoots wither skulls if to hard gives wither effect

slime makes you bounce like theres slime under you or just jumboost

phantom sword gives slow falling

i hope you do it please this is 600 leters